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  1. Hermelin

    How can they translate so wrong 🤣

    I was just checking on amazon on bunny things but I think amazon missed the whole translation part. They have just opened up for swedish market. I would think a large comapny would at least check the names of the products. But I will keep on supporting the small local markets instead. Than buy...
  2. Hermelin

    Tips on hanging water bowls

    Hey everyone, I just want to see if you have any good tips on hanging water bowls. Embla still keep on standing in her water bowl and getting wet paws, she give zero care of stepping or sitting on her own bowl. But myself need to change the water, I don’t exactly want her to drink dirty water...
  3. Hermelin

    Happy bunny life

    I’m just going to post about my bunnies and their life. I will post when I have the energy, which will be quite random 😂 As a few already know I’ve gotten my new bunny Embla. She’s 4.5month old and a tan belgian hare. I just want to hug and cuddle her but she’s still new and need time to settle...
  4. Hermelin

    I will pick up my new rabbit in two weeks

    The final long wait for a new rabbit will soon be over. Myself got in contact with my breeder that told me the bunnies is ready to move next weekend. So if everything go as planned the 16th I will drive up and pick up my belgian hare girl. She will be 4,5 months old and it will be a long car...
  5. Hermelin

    Good pellets that don’t come in small size

    Hey everyone ☺ I want to change the pellets I have because I can only buy small bags. I don’t want to get recommended oxbow pellets. I’ve had my fair share of choking hazards on them and have become quite good on doing heimlich maneuver, thanks to them. So preferably pellets that are larger...
  6. Hermelin

    Accidental squeezed his paw in the door

    Today Odin got his left paw squeezed by the door, when my mom closed the door. During the morning Odin was just jumping with 3 paws but after getting home from uni he’s using the paw. But if you touch the paw he will try to escape from you. How big is the chance he fractured the front paw? I...
  7. Hermelin

    Bunny selfie

    Share the pictures of your bunnies selfies 💕🌸 I have no bunny selfie of Toste without me being in the picture. So you get an up close picture of him instead 🤣
  8. Hermelin

    What would you say is a normal height in your view?

    Hi, just a random question. So what is a normal height of a person that you would see as a normal height and when it border to tall or short. Myself thinks my height is normal 5’8 ft but my parents are 5’3ft and 5’4 ft, while my brothers are 6’1 ft. So I see my parents on the shorter side...
  9. Hermelin

    Any good tips on how to distract your mind

    Right now I need a bit of help distracting my mind, so I can space-out. I have trouble sleeping right now. So what do you do to distract yourself 😊 Odin is already sleeping, so I don’t want to disturb him and Toste is sleeping in the kitchen.
  10. Hermelin

    Do your rabbit have any habits you enjoy?

    Hi everyone 🌸 As the title I wonder if you have noticed a few quirky habits you enjoy with your bunny. A bit of my bunnies habits: I can say Toste habit is that when it get too much he will run to a quiet corner but when he hear something chopping he comes running and look up begging for...
  11. Hermelin

    Snacks stash suggestions

    What would you have in a snack stash? I’m trying to fix one for my little brother because he always get hungry at night. So I was thinking to fix a snack stash which makes it easier for him to eat. It will both be unhealthy snacks and healthy, so he can choose. It can also be things he can...
  12. Hermelin

    What to write in the birthday card

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of a help to come up with something funny in my card to write for my friends birthday. Last card I made to her, she got a map and I marked her new place, I told her, she could always call me when being lost and not forget to share her wifi code. It was the card when...
  13. Hermelin

    Swelling under the chin caused by tick

    Hey everyone ☺️ I managed to find a tick on Odin under his chin. I often don’t touch that area under the chin on my bunnies, so I notice the tick a bit late. I wonder how long it take for the swelling to go down. He have lost fur around the area and look a little red. The tick is gone and I...
  14. Hermelin

    How to fix a trauma/trigger point ?

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of a tips on how to fix a trauma my bunny Toste have. We seem to have stayed at same point neither improving or going worse. I’ve managed to teach Toste to accept picking up, trimming claws, not be scared of me and the family, I can check his teeth, cover him in...
  15. Hermelin

    Sleepless night for me today

    Hi everyone, my dad noticed Odin was pressing his stomach to the floor and rolling around weirdly. When he told me that, I notice directly it was stomach pains and tried to see if Odin would want to eat anything. He refused eating and would just press his stomach. At least we notice it early...
  16. Hermelin

    Any good tips on how to fall asleep?

    It’s night here in sweden and I just want to fall asleep but a few streets away they are having a party. Seem like people forgets we are in a pandemic but they could at least respect some people want to sleep during the night 😅 I can perfectly hear britney spears Toxic blasting outside and I’m...
  17. Hermelin

    Do different environment cause wax build up?

    Hi, I wonder if the different environment between indoors and outdoors can cause wax build up? I just wonder because Toste only got ear problem when he became an indoor bunny. He was previously always an outdoor bunny. Toste have never had wax build up in the ears but when he moved in it took...
  18. Hermelin

    Introduce cats to bunnies

    Hi everyone, I wonder if any of you have tips on introducing cats to bunnies. My oldest brother have lost his job and must move back to sweden, he have quite a few cats which my parents will pay the transport and veterinary control to sweden. The only problem is that my oldest brother have at...
  19. Hermelin

    Share your day :)

    I thought we could have a tread where we just share pictures of the day or just want to tell what happening. There are a lot of things happening in the world and a few things is quite unstable. I can start with what I have been doing, myself have been away from my bunnies for 4 days and spent...
  20. Hermelin

    Any tips of movies you can watch?

    Hi everyone, I need a few tips of movies or series I can watch. I’m planing to just go into a lazy period and binge watch movies/ series, specially after this week and next week needinf to be social and acting way out my comfort zone. So I need to recharge my batteries again. It can be any kind...