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  1. Evelyn K

    Advice for suddenly lone bun

    I have only had solo buns over the years. Hope he adjusts. I think it is the sudden change in his case.
  2. Evelyn K

    Introvert bunny

    I have a 6-month old Netherland Dwarf. She started building nests and digging, so I had her spayed by a vet with rabbit specialty. Since the surgery, she has had a personality change. Cocoa just sits in her cage (door open.) She won't come out. If we coax her with a treat, she goes back in...
  3. Evelyn K

    Our Bailey is gone.

    Bailey had some changes in food and water intake. The x-ray showed a large tumor at her thymus, already displacing the spine and lungs. She gradually lost weight, but when breathing got difficult, we knew we had to relieve her pain. As the vet administered the shot, Bailey clicked her teeth at...
  4. Evelyn K

    Sneezing and rumbling sounds

    Thanks for the sound advice. I will call the veterinary clinic in the morning.
  5. Evelyn K

    Sneezing and rumbling sounds

    How would a house bunny be exposed to pseudomonas or bordatella? Is it possible that hay could be contaminated? Our 9-year -old bun Bailey has had sneezing episodes and some rapid breathing from time to time.It is the rapid, deep breathing that scares me the most. There is not rumbling sound...
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