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  1. BlueMoods

    EMERGENCY - injured newborn - RIP

    I too suspect the chickens. Mine eat mice so, I would think they would eat a pinkie kit too. Move the chickens and, if you want them to have the rabbit poop, just haul it to them. Sorry about the kit but, it would not have had a good life so, it's best this way.
  2. BlueMoods

    Oral ivermectin dosage - important!

    Anything in the ears does drain to the stomach. I use Ivamec brand which is way stronger so, I use 0.01 ml/lb of rabbit (that's about 0.02 ml per kg.) But yours is a lot weaker than Ivamec brand so, for ears I'd go 0.3 ml/kg or 0.1 per pound. That may be a bit under the package but, it should do...
  3. BlueMoods

    Large litter

    That is a lot. She needs free choice pellets, hay and, of course water. What may work better is if you remove the babies, make a safe, warm place to keep them in tow groups. Give her one group to feed in the morning, and the other in the evening. Babies are fine eating once a day and, the mother...
  4. BlueMoods

    Advice needed please help!

    You should get her back to the vet. It sounds like she has some sort of upper respiratory infection and, will need antibiotics. It is possible the eye is related and was just the first symptom. Your vet can take care of that and get the right medicine for you.
  5. BlueMoods

    Advice please - interaction between young unfixed male and female rabbits

    Make sure they can't get out even when they do climb up there. As for worrying ovr the female, there is no point in that. Just give her twice the pellets for now, that won't hurt her for the nest 4 weeks anyway until you know for sure if she is pregnant or not. 28 days from now, offer her a nest...
  6. BlueMoods

    Mushed up poop in cage - young rabbit & new owner

    Yes, look at the diet, it's probably too high in protein, Junior pellets tend to be 18% and that is a lot. I'd switch to free choice 16% to 16 weeks of age, then ration the 16% pellets for the rest of the rabbit's life and, of course always unlimited grass hay (not alfalfa)
  7. BlueMoods

    Day 33, Nest Built, Milk Flowing, No Labour

    I'd have an ultra sound done on Beans just to be sure there is not a small, calcified kit in there that would cause problems in the future. I know it's a bit costly but, it's worth it if you ever plan to breed her again. As for the fur, if she is indoors that looks good, if outdoors, you should...
  8. BlueMoods

    Rabbits respiratory system - burning scents in the house

    You get that way with pet birds. I have a Conure and, we are on the waiting list for a Scarlet Macaw from a local breeder that hand rears every bird (same one we got the Conure from.) You don't want' to go harming a 1000.00 bird with fancy smelling stuff, the pans you cook with or, your morning...
  9. BlueMoods

    A way to make syringe feeding easier?

    I agree, they don't like the anise flavor critical care but, it isn't the anise they dislike as I have yet to find one that doesn't love Calf Mana and, it is anise flavor too. When my vet saya critical care, I ask if feeding 1 TSP twice a day of Calf Mana will work instead if the rabbit eats...
  10. BlueMoods

    Rabbits respiratory system - burning scents in the house

    I don't use scented candles but I do use an electric oil warmer in each room with natural oils warming in them all day for the fragrance. No issues with those and I have rabbits and a conure in the house.
  11. BlueMoods

    Moss killer

    Why not ask if you can mark or fence off an area for a bunny run and, that area will be left chemical free but, your dad can do as he likes with the whole rest of the yard. He gets to pick were the run will be.
  12. BlueMoods

    What do you hate?

    We all hates different things but we agree bein picked up aint no good. I doesn't like carrits cept the green parts. (that's BB) Cocoa don't like apple wood, Pizza don't like apples, Tippy don't like goin in his cage, Race Track don't like anything that stops him form runnin if he wants to. MC...
  13. BlueMoods

    Da preshun - mama haz it

    My Hoomin say it's like that forever for her and we didn't do nofing to make her be like that, it's just how she is made, like us being a boy or a girl, we's just made that way. She says she was worse wif medicine then, she stopped that and went to dis hole-istic place and learned things she can...
  14. BlueMoods

    Horse Probiotics & rabbits

    Amazon has Bene-bac, so you could simply order some.
  15. BlueMoods

    help my bunny has had 2 surprise litters

    Yes, I'd try putting them back with her. If she doesn't accept them, you will need some critical care to feed them for the nest two weeks, then Calf Mana to give the each 1 TSP per feeding (twice a day) with normal pellets for another 2-3 weeks. They need the supplemental nutrition to grow...
  16. BlueMoods

    Irresponsible Baby Bunny Owner

    I'm one of the few around here that even feeds hay. Most here assume pellets only is all the rabbit needs. That is one of many reasons I don't sell my rabbits. I will adopt one out here and there as a pet, if I know the person and, I have had them spend considerable time here, learning how to...
  17. BlueMoods

    Day 33, Nest Built, Milk Flowing, No Labour

    She may kindle tonight, often breeding them again will trigger labor if they are due or a bit past due. If she doesn't kindle by tomorrow afternoon, I'd call the vet since the weekend is coming.
  18. BlueMoods

    Neuter question

    One is fine, they mean they shouldn't be sent to permanent separate homes, not that they can't be apart for a short time.
  19. BlueMoods

    runt issues

    Have them all checked for fur mites, that is more often that not what dandruff in rabbits really is. For the little one, I'd give him 1 TSP per feeding of Calf Mana pellets. It's high protein, high fat and a good supplement for rabbits not growing properly. No more than 1 TSP twice a day, and...
  20. BlueMoods

    Lump under chin

    That sounds like an abscess and, the vet will need to lance it and, most likely give antibiotics to prevent further infection and, remove what is there. Make sure the vet checks his teeth, that is the most likely cause of the abscess.
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