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  1. Preitler

    Breeding size questions

    Anywhere in between, most likely.
  2. Preitler


    Most just shredder cardboard and don't ingest much. Cardboard boxes and tubes are common toys. But right, as a divider it quite likely would get chewed up and wouldn't work that well.
  3. Preitler


    Rabbits are not dogs, acting wierd and saying No might deter them for a moment, but the second you turn your back they are at it again. They don't have a bad consience like dogs, what they do is right, per definition because that's what they do. That funny human not agreeing is just an...
  4. Preitler

    How do I brush a rabbit that hates it?

    I knee on the floor, when doing the front part I keep one hand firmly on their head with the rear between my knees, for the rear I turn them around and stick their head between my legs so when trying to escape there they get stuck under me. Quite often it's enough to put the hand on their head...
  5. Preitler

    Rabbit castration

    I would think so. Male-female bonds are the most frequent and more easy, and when she has fond memories of him I wouldn't worry much. I would seperate them so that they still can see each other, and arrange the setup so that when the time comes (6 weeks after neutering him) that they can meet in...
  6. Preitler

    what are some uses for the massive amounts of fur that my rabbits shed?

    I always keep a stash to supplement nests if needed. I have a mesh fabric bag where I gather it, hanging in a airy, dry place. Cardboard boxes didn't work for me because some tiny critters slowly started to munch away on the fur. Depending on the type of fur, needle felting might be worth a try.
  7. Preitler

    Outdoor rabbit breed

  8. Preitler

    Female Rabbit Urinating

    Its spring time, hormones rage, territories need to be marked, tunnels built. Intact does have quite a scope of seasonal behaviour.
  9. Preitler

    Scared of my bun getting neutered! (questions)

    What are the reasons to neuter him ASAP? Anyway, with males it's a less invasive procedure than with femals, depending on the vet it imo takes about 10 minutes. Can't tell if it changes much in their behaviour, my 5yo buck is intact.
  10. Preitler

    Can an 8 week old and a 9 week old bond?

    The thing with girls is - their characters must match, and you only can tell this for sure after puberty. But raising them together imho helps socialising and even learn to accept the some of the other does quirks and evolve a hierachy, so chances are better that they get along long term than...
  11. Preitler

    help! rabbit fell from the terrace

    Hi, painkillers are not a bad idea, so the pain doesn't distract him from eating and stuff. Did the vet tell you which and how much? Doesn't he put any weight on his front leg, or just a little? Right now I would limit his space (depending on what it looks like) so that he doesn't move much...
  12. Preitler

    Supliments (probiotic and vit.C)

    Not if the diet is ok, and if there are not any medical conditions. Repairing a bad diet with supplements imho isn't going to do much.
  13. Preitler

    Urgent need help with momma and kits

    Thread continued here: https://www.rabbitsonline.net/threads/bunny-nursing.100944/
  14. Preitler

    3 week bunny diet questions

    Well, they do start nibbling whatever mom eats at around 2 weeks when they're starting leaving their nest. At 4 weeks they already are eating solid food fine and can be weaned in a pinch, like, if there's a back-to-back litter. It's better to keep them with the doe until 8 weeks or longer...
  15. Preitler

    Bunny nursing

    How many are there? If you notice that some get less milk than the others you can take the fatter 3rd of the litter out for one feeding, that doesn't hurt when they are well fed and gives the others a good meal, which can make a difference.
  16. Preitler

    could bubbles and brownie be show rabbits?

    Loud noises do not cause shock. I don't know any animal that cares less about fireworks, me chopping wood, the chainsaw or a frying pan dropped right beside them. What can put them in shock is a scare. Something attacking them. Predators are not noisy, so they don't associate noise with danger...
  17. Preitler

    EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP- chewed plastic freezer pack

    I would just keep feeding him normally, offer fresh hay and water. This stuff isn't toxic, quite likely mostly salt water.
  18. Preitler

    Rabbits climbing on top of each other

    Depends on your vet, I guess most wait until the testicles have descended, but I would just ask.
  19. Preitler

    Rabbits climbing on top of each other

    Well, here it is quite common to neuter as soon as 8-10 weeks, but I reckon that's not an option over there, for whatever reason. Anyway, if you want to have at least a chance to maybe bond them later on and keep them together you'll need to seperate them now. If they start fighting chances...
  20. Preitler

    possible pregnant bunny

    I would still not be sure. One of mine kindles consistently on day 35. Quite often they pull fur just right in time.