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  1. ArtistChibi

    I need suggestions on how to bond my two male Rabbits

    Thanks. I needed some idea as well. Because my husband and I are thinking of getting Shen a playmate after he's fixed. And we found one that looks a lot like him, but he doesn't have a white spot on his nose and forehead, and his other ear is flopped. We would go for a female, but the shelter...
  2. ArtistChibi


    There's also Amazon carrying Oxbow and Small Pet Select items which are great for rabbits. I get my bunny's hay and toys from Amazon, like his sea grass mats, stacking cups, and TONS of treats. Amazon.com: Oxbow Animal Health Amazon.com : Grass Mat Woven Bed Mat for Small Animal Bunny Bedding...
  3. ArtistChibi

    Goodbye everyone😔

    We will welcome you back any time. I understand the pain of slow internet and having to pay extra to use it. But when you have free time, feel free to come say hi. Very happy for you and your little bunny, Thumper.
  4. ArtistChibi

    Rabbits can have worms?

    That poor bunny.
  5. ArtistChibi

    Rabbits can have worms?

    Funny you should link that. That's how I found out what that was on his poop. That very website. But yes. I figured the vet would know more. Shen's appointment is on Wednesday (US time) and I will monitor any changes in his behavior and appetite. So far, he's still his cute, hyper self.
  6. ArtistChibi

    Rabbits can have worms?

    I'll make sure to consult my vet first, as I don't want to give him something that can harm him if it's not needed. And I did make sure the vet is a rabbit vet. I already informed my husband to make sure he monitors Shen's droppings as well. Because if his droppings begin to show more than one...
  7. ArtistChibi

    Rabbits can have worms?

    More a statement than a question. I did some googling after seeing one of Shen's droppings containing a not so hair-like thing. It's a worm. Thank goodness he has a vet appointment coming up. And I'll continue to monitor his droppings for anymore. I did find that part of expelling these for the...
  8. ArtistChibi

    The food game

  9. ArtistChibi

    True or False Game!!

    True. Rabbits are not curious.
  10. ArtistChibi

    He learned the power of waking me up

    I am in the kitchen, making coffee, as I write this, at 7:42 in the morning. Why? Because of this. I moved the stuff there and made it a new shelf for him to climb. Well this little stinker butt learned he can use my office chair and desk to get to my bed and wake me up at 7AM. I can't be mad...
  11. ArtistChibi

    Get to know each other game!

    Nope. The person below me likes puzzle games.
  12. ArtistChibi

    True or False Game!!

    False. That's more cats. Rabbits have other ways to show dominance. Rabbits and ferrets can live in close proximity of each other.
  13. ArtistChibi

    True or False Game!!

    Actually, pallets can be used in very small doses with their breakfast. But their diet is 80% hay. Tu Shen goes bonkers when I get out the fresh hay for him and ignore his pellets. Statement: Rabbits don't like to climb.
  14. ArtistChibi

    The food game

  15. ArtistChibi

    Get to know each other game!

    Nope. He's no longer a baby. He'll be 4 months on March 29th. The person below me has tried nontraditional foods.
  16. ArtistChibi

    My Backyard Bunny

    Honestly, I hope you are allowed to keep him inside from now on. Especially with that bad weather in February that TN and KY had. And if they allow a companion for him, that would be great. He would have someone to play with while you go to private school.
  17. ArtistChibi

    Dating when you have rabbits

    My husband is the reason I got Tu Shen. And every time he looks over at the little fluff of cuteness, he squees as much as I do at the sight. Some men might find rabbits to be a deal breaker, but have they ever truly experienced rabbits? It might catch them off guard, though.
  18. ArtistChibi

    Bunny Nicknames

    I call Tu Shen "Shen-baby" or "Stinker Butt". Depending on whether or not I'm just calling out to him to see what he's doing, or if he decides to be a silly bug and prove just how smart he is.
  19. ArtistChibi

    I adopted a one-year-old American rabbit from the dog pound he jumped off

    At least it wasn't anything more serious and Bugs is doing better.
  20. ArtistChibi

    Are my rabbits happy?

    Shen flops when he is super comfortable. He normally loafs in his hiding spots, but when he's super happy and comfy, he flops like this. So your bunnies are very comfortable in your home.