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  1. Katie94

    Litter trays

    Hi all, I have decided to take the plunge and try adding litter pellets back in to my trays. I gave up with litter a while ago as my bunnies repeatedly dug in the tray and it made the mess 100x worse! Over the past few months the digging has stopped so I want to try again, I’ve gone for wood...
  2. Katie94

    Best pellets for sensitive tummies

    Hello, I have always found that two of my four bunnies have very sensitive tummies and I have to be careful to prevent them getting gas pain. I currently feed burgess excel pellets but wondered if there might be something out there more suitable for particularly sensitive buns? I reduced the...
  3. Katie94

    Toys for digging?

    Hi, I am looking for some suggestions for toys that would encourage digging for my indoor rabbits. If you have a dig box indoors what material do you use in it that is easy to clean? Thank you :)
  4. Katie94

    Is this cleaning spray safe to use?

    Asked my partner to get some cleaning spray for the rabbits and he came back with the one meant for cats rather than the small animal spray I normally use 🤦‍♀️ Can I still use this or will it be unsafe?
  5. Katie94

    Which is better for rabbits timothy or meadow hay.

    I’m confused which hay I should get for my rabbits. I’m changing hay supplier and have a choice between the two, I don’t really know if one is better than the other. I tried them with a sample of both and they ate both and were probably more keen on the meadow hay. I’m unsure which would be best...
  6. Katie94

    Chew toy ideas please!

    So I was really gutted to find out that my rabbits favourite chew toy is actually made from unsuitable materials that are in fact potentially hazardous. I’ve never had an issue with it but after what I’ve read it doesn’t feel right to continue to give it to them. I need some other safe ideas for...
  7. Katie94

    Freezer in same room as bunnies-will it be a problem?

    Hello, Our house has a small kitchen so we were thinking of putting a freezer in the garage, the only problem is this is where two of our bunnies live. Apart from obviously having to bunny proof any wires just in case is there any other reason this would be a bad idea??
  8. Katie94

    Bonding breakthrough!

    We’ve had Dotty 1 year last month and out of all four of our rescue bunnies she has always been by far the most nervous around people but she has become so much braver over time. When we first had her she would sit completely still as far away as possible if you got in the enclosure with them...
  9. Katie94

    Rabbits don’t like new hay :(

    Hello, I’ve just opened a new bag of hay and my bunnies don’t seem to like it very much, poops from all 4 have become smaller and very dark. The hay doesn’t seem off or smell bad but they really haven’t taken to it. Any tips to get them eating it again or should I just suck it up and get rid of...
  10. Katie94

    When 2 became 4

    A special day for us. We adopted Narla and Dotty a year ago today to bond with our fighting brothers, they weren’t planned for but I couldn’t imagine life without them now. I’m glad that things happened how they did ❤️🐰
  11. Katie94

    Litter tray accident!

    Thought most bunny parents would appreciate this, just when you think this rabbit parenting is going well you come home to a completely flipped over litter box 🙈 Partner tried to scrap it back together on his lunch break but gave up 😂
  12. Katie94

    Bunny Boarding Anxiety!

    Hi everyone, So my partner has finally mentioned the words I have been dreading all year ‘going away somewhere’ (thanks to COVID I have got away with it for longer than expected)! Anyway, I’m so worried about having to leave my rabbits behind and need to find them suitable boarding. Does...
  13. Katie94

    Hides house recommendations please

    Hello Now the winter months are approaching I want to find a large sturdy hidey house for my two rabbits who live in our garage. It needs to be big enough for them to both fit in at the same time and I’m struggling to find anything big enough. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions :)...
  14. Katie94

    What quantity of pellets do you feed?

    Hello I am interested to know how much pellets (if any), you feed your rabbits daily and do you give it in one sitting or more? Also would be helpful to know what size your bun is. I’m particularly interested in small-medium as that is what I have :) Thank you in advance for any info?
  15. Katie94

    Anyone else have a rabbit prone to gas?!

    It seems I have a very gas prone bunny he had an episode on Sunday and then another one last night which resulted in a vet trip this morning after he went 12 hours not wanting to eat. Since going to the vet he is eating again but I have no idea what’s causing it. So my question is if anyone else...
  16. Katie94

    Bunny off his food this morning

    Hi, I went to feed the bunnies this morning and noticed that Eden didn’t want his pellets but he did run to the front of the cage as normal. I have since tried offering some greens and grass but still no real interest other than sniffing it. I know he was last eating about midnight when I went...
  17. Katie94

    Do you brush your rabbits??

    Hello I noticed Derwin is moulting at the moment I can see the moult lines in his fur, I was wondering if I should try brushing him. He’s not a long hair breed when it is more of a necessity than a pleasure but does anyone else groom there rabbit and do they enjoy it? Thanks
  18. Katie94

    One ear drooping

    Hello, I noticed yesterday that one of my bunnies ears is drooping down more than normal. Everything else with him at the moment is fine eating, pooping Etc and the ear itself does not have anything obviously wrong with it.The only thing that happened out of the ordinary was he had his nails...
  19. Katie94

    Does anyone know what this is?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what the purple plant might be in my photo?? Quite a lot of it has sprung up in my garden and I want to check it’s not poisonous to my rabbits.
  20. Katie94

    Couple of questions about bunnies outside

    Hello, My first question is to anyone who allows there bunnies to free range in the garden. It is something I would love to do, we have a garden that would be perfect for it my only problem is we get cats who climb over the fence. They would never be unsupervised but something could go wrong so...