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  1. Buttercup n Charlie

    Looking for the perfect home for 2 female adorable holland lops

    We are looking for a loving home for two beautiful bonded female Holland lops named Buttercup and Daisy. Buttercup is 2 years old (DOB Aug 5th, 2011) and Daisy is 1.5 years (DOB Mar 8th, 2012). They come with a custom built cage of their own that they are very attached to, which was built with a...
  2. Buttercup n Charlie

    help! broken nail, nerve exposed

    Hi everyone, My darling Buttercup accidentally broke her nail in half and now a good amount of her nerve is exposed. She bled when the accident happened but has not bled since. She won't let us pick her up and is really guarded about her injury. She has been behaving ok though. Is there...
  3. Buttercup n Charlie


    Hey guys, if we wanted to paint some parts of our bunny condo, what kind of paint should we use? Are all paints harmful to bunnies or are the "kid-safe" type ones ok? And I'm not talking about just the fumes, what if they chew on those areas?
  4. Buttercup n Charlie

    Spruce ok for rabbits?

    Is spruce based wood ok for rabbits? I think it is, but just wanted to confirm :)
  5. Buttercup n Charlie

    wet nose

    Vet time? Or is there some home remedy I can try first before dishing out a hundred bucks at the vet? Last time her nose was wet she had an upper resp infection and took antibiotics. I might have more of those at home, but don't know if its safe to just use it (although i know dose and course...
  6. Buttercup n Charlie

    Can they walk on hardwood floors?

    So there's a little part of our apartment that is hardwood floors. Buttercup never goes there. I tried putting her on it to see if she would take, but she scampered and slipped her way back to the carpet. We've been condo shopping recently, and found one that we really like. But it is mostly...
  7. Buttercup n Charlie

    Buttercup is sneezing

    Should I be concerned or will it go away over time like a human cold? Here are the recent changes that could have caused this: 1) We both have had a cold, so germs are unfortunately definitely afoot! 2) It was pretty cold out last week, and we had our patio door slightly open at times to...
  8. Buttercup n Charlie

    Playmats ok?

    Are playmats like this safe for rabbits: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0012KUDPE/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
  9. Buttercup n Charlie

    First aid kit

    What do you guys keep in your first aid kit? If listing medicines I would also appreciate if you would mention what that medicine is for as I am not very well versed in animal medication :)
  10. Buttercup n Charlie


    I'm pretty sure buttercup has gas. Her tummy was a little firm and she didnt poop a whole lot yesterday. Also she's been lounging around in her cage way more than usual. I massaged her stomach a few times (though shes not very fond of me doing this :nosir: ) She's since pooped a little more...
  11. Buttercup n Charlie

    Bonding - the truths and the myths.

    Hello everyone. This post is mostly a question/ask for guidance from those of you with experience on the matter. We currently have one bun, but would like to embrace more in our lives. Here are the different opinions we've heard about bonding. Firstly we'd like to know the truth/myth behind...
  12. Buttercup n Charlie

    What kind of wood?

    So we're going to start building buttercup a condo next month. Thinking in advance, I am trying to figure out what types of wood are safe for her so I can find good deals. For the bases of the different floors we are using plywood, but will be covering with something or the other so they wont be...
  13. Buttercup n Charlie

    found cheap xpens

    This place seems to have a pretty good deal on midwest xpens: http://www.wayfair.com/Midwest-Pets-Exercise-Pen-with-Door-in-Black-Finish-55-X-MDW1297.html?refid=GPA49-MDW1297_4050209&PiID=4050209&gclid=CN3n0IOklK0CFQg1hwodswjGmg Even includes free 2 day shipping! We were about to buy from...
  14. Buttercup n Charlie

    Aluminium trays as litter box - safe for rabbits?

    Hi ya'll! Spayed my little bun yesterday and had to put her temporarily in a smaller cage to help her heal without too much movement. We put an aluminium tray wrapped tightly with newspaper as a temporary litter box solution (couldn't find a plastic box that fits the cage). She is doing better...
  15. Buttercup n Charlie

    Buttercup is getting spayed

    Buttercup's in the surgery room right now. Please :pray: for her. Any tips and tricks from you bun aficionados out there for post-op care?
  16. Buttercup n Charlie

    Are gel capsules safe for rabbits?

    We read somewhere that cranberry extract supplements are good for curing urine sludge, like these ones: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00014I3LS/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 but they come in gel capsule form and we are not sure that's safe for bunnies. Does Anyone know about this or used this...
  17. Buttercup n Charlie

    Selling Expandable Hoppity Habitat Rabbit Cage

    Hello, Selling this cage we used for 3 days. Our rabbit prefers a different one (like the super pet ones) so we transferred her back. Note: there is a slight chip on one corner of the plastic base, but that is how we got it brand new (probably chipped during shipping). It's hardly noticeable...
  18. Buttercup n Charlie

    Urine Sludge problem

    Hello, Buttercup is almost 4 months now soon to be spayed in the next two weeks. 5 days ago we noticed she has urine sludge and wasn't drinking any of her water. It has been continuing on and there is more of it now. She has also developed slight sniffles/mini sneezes as of today which worries...
  19. Buttercup n Charlie

    Won't stop pooping on the couch!

    Buttercup is now 3.5 months and doing very well with her cage litter training and she doesn't poop anywhere outside. But she keeps pooping on the couch every time she climbs up, even when she is on our lap while we are sitting on the couch she fully goes there! We tried giving her cage time...
  20. Buttercup n Charlie

    Super absorbent litter box bedding

    Hi ya'll! Can anyone tell me what's the most absorbent litter box bedding material out there? Something that lasts long and works really good? Thanks! New bunny mommy/daddy