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  1. nat1234

    Registering a rabbit as an ESA

    hello all, basically I've always lived in a house owned by my parents during the time I've had my rabbit some personal stuff happened and my mom and I have to move out of our house and find an apartment. I'm concerned about what the pet, and more specifically rabbit policies look like and I was...
  2. nat1234

    Will a rabbit starve itself if food is available

    Hi all so basically i've posted about this wayyy back but for awhile my senior bun was eating 0 hay, he had some overgrown molars and both vets i took him too did not want to trim them due to his age and the fact they were not very bad so i replaced hay strands with 100% hay pellets recently i...
  3. nat1234


    Hello! I need to complete some market research for a potential rabbit enrichment product. your feedback as bunny enthusiasts would be greatly appreciated, so let's get to it: I'm thinking the dig box would measure 20"(l)x16(w)"x16(h)" with a 20"x4" ramp on the side (rabbits probably don't need...
  4. nat1234

    timothy meal vs timothy grass

    hello all! trying to compare the two oxbow varieties to my tiktok followers & why i personally prefer oxbow. mainly i'm going to talk about the soy & molasses in essentials but i was also wondering the difference between timothy grass meal & timothy grass as i couldn't find much w/ a quick...
  5. nat1234

    exercise wheel

    this is probably dumb to ask but it's late and i can't stop thinking about it are cat exercise wheels safe for rabbits bc i think that would be the cutest thing ever and i'm just curious
  6. nat1234

    Weight gain

    My senior rabbit has been having some health issues (not rlly gonna get into it on this post) but he went to the vet and they said while he's not underweight he's a little on the thin side. I would like him to gain a little before he gets surgery and am currently looking into good foods for...
  7. nat1234


    So Oliver was just chilling like this and i'm worried is this normal?!?!
  8. nat1234

    Dollar Tree Toys

    I wanted to potentially get the bunnies at the shelter some toys from the dollar tree (as i can order by the case and it'll be cheaper), but would these items be safe, the descriptions are a bit vague. (one i've seen in store but can't find on the site, but i found it on hobby lobby just marked up)
  9. nat1234

    pellets, bedding, etc?

    I recently started volunteering at a rabbit rescue, the woman who runs it has told me the oxbow garden select brand is bad and to switch to essentials, but i'm very reluctant to switch as i prefer the ingredients in garden select. she says the oat hulls in the pellet is bad for rabbits and...
  10. nat1234

    Is Sand Safe?

    I want to provide a dig box for my rabbits using children's play sand (soil would be too messy as they're indoor and shredded paper would make it be used as a litter box) I see there's quite a divide between some saying it's safe and others saying it causes uri and impaction What are your...
  11. nat1234

    Cage Studies

    I know we have the common minimums (8,12,16sq ft) but does anyone know any studies they could link on the correlation between cage size and behavior in rabbits. Many of the ones I'm finding aren't very conclusive or include a multitude of factors besides enclosure size. Maybe even a study...
  12. nat1234


    Hello, if you guys wouldn't mind could you please fill out this survey. It's for a product design class. Also please note when I ask what minimum cage size you would recommend I am not asking what cage size you currently have. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CVTWKTM
  13. nat1234

    Digestive supplements

    Hi all! I've heard the oxbow digestive support isn't all that great for bunnies so i am in search for a new daily preventative supplement. My senior bun is prone to stasis and it makes me feel more at ease. What do you think of these ones...
  14. nat1234

    bonding an intact male

    so i have a senior bun who is still intact over quarantine i ended up getting another male (a bit unexpected lol) the younger male is fixed and i'm attempting to bond them (i'm prepared to seperate them if needed) for now it's just been pre-bonding but i was wondering if i bond then what are...
  15. nat1234

    baby gate for bunnies

    so i have two male bunnies that i want to keep separated, but i still want them to be able to see each other. does anyone have any links to plexiglass gates. i have a mesh one but one of my bunnies loves to chew it constantly 🙄 i was looking at this but it's only 30 inches tall so i would only...
  16. nat1234

    horse hay vs rabbit hay

    hello I recently got a second bunny and I am interested in buying bales of hay meant for horses in order to cut costs, but I was wondering what the difference was between them
  17. nat1234

    switching brands

    i've been thinking about switching my bunnies onto the supreme brand from oxbow the one for senior rabbits for my one here's the info Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Mature 4 years. fiber: 22% protein:12% fat:4% and for my younger bunny the Supreme Science Selective House Rabbit Pellet...
  18. nat1234

    something wrong with eye

    what's wrong with my bunnies eye i'm super worried
  19. nat1234

    male rabbit honking at the other male

    my senior bun will not stop honking when he sees the new bunny we rescued. he honks when he sees him, smells him, or is by the door where he knows his friend is what does this mean when they're both males? he also doesn't seem to understand the new bunny the new one will snort and lunge at him...
  20. nat1234

    Brushing Belly

    I noticed today my new bunny has small knots on his belly i'm worried they'll get matted but he put up such a fight when i tried to brush his belly does anyone have any tips for keeping the bunny calm while i brush his belly when i got him he had horrible matted fur by his bum we had to just...