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  1. Bunny Pumi

    Opinion on Cat Trees

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving for those in Canada! I wanted to get opinions on cat trees and how their buns like it. I saw The Bunny Lady and Ellie on YouTube have a cat tree and her bun actually jumps on the platforms which is so cute. I am looking to get one for...
  2. Bunny Pumi

    Why Thump All Night??

    Hello everyone, I am very confused as to why my rabbit is thumping all night so I had to come here for help! My rabbit is 7 months old, adopted a few months ago from a rescue group and is free roam. We live in an apartment so he gets the whole living room/kitchen to himself. He also has...
  3. Bunny Pumi

    6 Month Old Rabbit Lifestyle - Checking if Okay

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is staying safe during this time! I would like to get people's suggestions and opinions to see if my rabbits lifestyle is healthy for him. This may be a long post about his daily routine but I want to make sure my rabbit will stay happy and healthy! :) I adopted...
  4. Bunny Pumi

    Trouble Grooming while He Moults

    Hello everyone, My 5 month old rabbit is moulting a lot, especially on his sides! We adopted him in June so he is still very afraid of us. I see him grooming himself all the time and he has shed both sides of his body without my help. I am so afraid of him having stomach issues with all the...
  5. Bunny Pumi

    Shy New Baby Rabbit

    Hello everyone, I have coming here for any questions I have about our new rabbit that I adopted a month ago. This community has been very helpful, I love that everyone is looking out for everyone and their buns! My fiance and I adopted a neutered 4 month old rabbit from a rabbit rescue society...