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  1. ShaunaDarling

    Guess This Breed!!!

    Hey guys. As some may know my sweet Havana dwarf had a little litter of 2 precious buns. The biggest strongest one is definitely a hotot mix, but we are unsure of what we want to call the little runt who is such a cute peanut, I would love any opinions and let me know what you think! I will...
  2. ShaunaDarling

    A Merry Miracle.

    We have been trying to breed our dwarf buns for about 20 days now with no luck. she has had very odd behavior since we got her. i have posted on this forum a few times now regarding help and reaching out for advice with our buns and why they might not want to breed. upon getting home today and...
  3. ShaunaDarling

    Odd behavior

    As posted before, my husband and I are trying to breed our buns. Both dwarfs. We have put them together about 3/4 times bow, in sessions of 5 minutes to 2 hours. We have had no success but are keeping them aquainted and socialized with each other. My little boy is such a gentleman he doesn't...
  4. ShaunaDarling

    Unsuccessful breeding :(

    My little boy finally got to meet and try to mate with my little girl. They are both dwarf buns, he is a hotot lionhead, and she is a Havana. I have had him since 3/4 months old and he is about 9/10 months old now. he is the most affectionate loving little boy. He is such a good bun it's crazy...
  5. ShaunaDarling

    My Buck will ONLY hump me. -_-

    My sweet boy is about 7 months old and I have yet to have him meet his new girlfriend, we plan to breed them for multiple reasons. Our little girl is still getting used to her new home and we don't want to stress her with pregnancy before she is comfortable and ready. Our little boy on the other...