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  1. Spring

    Greater Vancouver Area Members! Art in the Vines - August 22

    Hi there! This Saturday, August 22nd the Township 7 Vineyards is holding an Art in the Vines event where the local rescue, Small Animal Rescue Society of BC will be fundraising. There will be local artists, children's fun area and a BBQ. Donations for the rescue will go towards spaying and...
  2. Spring

    Can a mod check the IP's of these two girls?

    I smell a troll.. just wondering if someone's checked the IP addresses of the two girls, since they seem similar in posting styles and came around the same time.. not sure. http://www.rabbitsonline.net/view_topic.php?id=49331&forum_id=8
  3. Spring

    Troll alert!

    Duncan Jones
  4. Spring

    It was destiny.. bonded bunny names!

    I was sitting here thinking about how Poppy, Bruno and Jasmine can form the shortened version of Peanut butter and Jelly with PB&J.. which is funny since it was originally Poppy and Bruno with Jasmine added to the mix. Then, I realized that Pebbles and Georgie were PG! Which they definitely need...
  5. Spring

    Any recommendeded nail clippers?

    I have the worst luck finding a good pair of nail clippers.I used to use the guillotine style, but now prefer the scissor type. The pair I have nowis getting dull and thelast time I used them, they were beginning to 'crush' instead of making a nice clean cut. I was thinking of just buying a...
  6. Spring

    Looking for a reliable car in the Lower Mainland/Vancouver area

    Hi there! Although this isn't exactly rabbit related, thought I would put the word out there in case anyone is looking to sell a reliable car. I'm not too picky, just looking for a beginner car. Preferably a compact car that is automatic. Not looking for anything fancy, just something under...
  7. Spring

    CPU constantly overheating.. any solutions?

    Hi there! I'm posting this because I'm not very tech savvy and I'm facing an extremely annoying problem. With the weather warming up, this computer is constantly turning off during the day. Especially when I have a bunch of stuff opened or am watching a movie, that's usually when the computer...
  8. Spring

    (Tentatively) Introducing...

    The Flintstones! AKA Pebbles and Georgie (BamBam) Wow! Never thought I'd be making this post! :) I think we have bonding! After multiple days of 5+ hours together.. I figured I would see how Georgie reacted if I were to put Pebbles in his cage. I knew this could be very bad or very good...
  9. Spring

    Frequent eye nipping..? Any experiences?

    So I finally think I've made a break through with bonding Pebbles and Georgie. They were always very disconnected until lastnight.. where there was a bit of mounting from Georgie.. but Georgie finally groomed Pebbles (for about 10 minutes straight!). I felt this was really the 'click' they...
  10. Spring

    Help - injured cottontail..

    Hi there guys.. I'm not sure what to do - I was looking outside and saw a cottontail flayling around under a tree in the front yard. I thought he was fighting with something, so went out to check and he seems to be hurt :(. I didn't see anythinghe could have been fighting with, but I'm not...
  11. Spring

    People with pens for housing... advice for what to use for a roof?

    Hi there! I have my downstairs guys in pens made from grid panels. Right now, they are 4 x 7 and 4x4.5. Quite a large area to cover as a roof. Right now I just have two large sheets clipped so I can pin them back during the day, but keep the bunnies from jumping out at night. They're just a tad...
  12. Spring

    Why have a dog... when you have Georgie!

    Was looking through older videos and found this filmed around a year ago.. (mute sound please.. camera makes me sound atrocious;)) Isn't he sooo sweet? I never share enough about Mr. Georgie (heck, not enough about any of my guys!). He's by far one of the most intelligent rabbits I've ever...
  13. Spring

    Found my guys' new favourite toy!

    I was picking blackberry leaves for my guys, and there was a really thick stalk. I've read all parts of the bush are safe, so I decided I would snip off the stalk, dethorn it and see if the bunnies might want to nibble on it. They loved it! Man oh man! As soon as I give it to Georgie, he began...
  14. Spring

    My boys had a fight.. slight bite to genitals?

    Agh :( I had the trio and Georgie out yesterday for some bonding (went quite well considering the circumstances) and I guess Bruno got interested in going to see Georgie. Got woken up by my brother telling me both were in the same cage... :shock: I checked both over and there's nothing I can...
  15. Spring

    Favourite Bands/Artists?

    Hey there! :D I'm not sure if there's another thread like this.. but decided to put one out there mainly because I'm always looking for new bands/artists to check out. My taste in bands varies, a few I've kept as favourites for a long time, but my favourite songs flip flop around. For most...
  16. Spring

    Any Chemistry Guru's out there? Molarity question..

    Hey there! I figured I'd post a long shot for anyone who's familiar with molarity? Grade 11 Chemistry? We just had our mole test on Friday, and one of the questions for molarity stumped me. I literally stared at the question for half an hour trying to figure itout. Looking back on it, I still...
  17. Spring

    My gosh! SO many movies being filmed around here!

    With New Moon being filmed around here, and a few others (John Cusack is around! Not sure what movie he is filming though) It feels like Hollywood down here! Maybe less plastic and silicon though :P. I really have my eyes out for the New Moon filming (*COUGH*Taylor Lautner).. a friend of mine...
  18. Spring

    Input on outdoor x-pens? *Pictures up!*

    Hi there! :) Since buying my two x-pens, I'm quite excited to try them out with my guys! I just have a few questions/concerns. With living in rainy BC, my lawn is actually more moss than grass. Is moss dangerous to bunnies? I have no idea what kind it is, but I've looked on safe plant sites...
  19. Spring

    Massive sale of x-pens at PetCetera! 85% OFF!

    Hi there! I just thought I would post a quick note about the awesome deals in the PetCetera's for X-pens! They're 70% off with an additional 15%! I just got two myself tonight! :D I think they were originally $139, and I got two for under $80 Definitely a steal! I think it's because the...
  20. Spring

    Grr.. trio might lose their loose 'hay pile'.. ideas?

    I usually have a flake of hay just in the middle of the pen in a cardboard box on it's side, but the trio is making SUCH a mess peeing in it, on the blanket, pooping all in it, pretty much just using it as a litterbox. I want them to be able to dig, play and have it easily accessed, so a hay...