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  1. 4kr

    Toxic wood to rabbits

    I found some dried twigs of crepe myrtle and thought about giving it for my bunnies to chew on, is it toxic to them? Is there a list somewhere that has what woods are toxic to rabbits? Thanks! I'm making hanging toys for their pens.
  2. 4kr

    My singleton

    Just had to share...my doe was due on Thursday the 12th and started labor at 11:40am that day. She was a first timer but made a beautiful nest and pulled a lot of hair. After a few straining/pushing she had one kit and then started the same thing again assuming she would have the rest of the...
  3. 4kr

    Chronic large soft poop

    I just acquired a 2 year old buck, (will be 3 yrs in August) on Friday. The person was desperate to find him a home that day and I just felt like I needed to take him. He has been fed Manna Pro PRO feed his whole life and has never been fed veggies. I also feed Manna Pro PRO so we haven't...
  4. 4kr

    E. Cuniculi? Doe has tumor in eye...

    I'm really worried about my doe and the rest of the bunnies I have who have been exposed/around this doe. I got this doe in January and she just turned 6 months on the 14th. Last month I noticed her right eye had turned a grayish color. Now within a month's time she has a tumor that has grown...
  5. 4kr

    Symptoms in doe...pregnancy or metabolic issue?

    Well out of the two does that were bred, one is definitely pregnant! Palpated positive for sure. The other doe I don't feel a thing, absolutely nothing. Could it be possible that the babies are high up in the upper abdomen or could she not be pregnant at all? Everything feels soft, and no masses...
  6. 4kr

    Stress and Pregnancy

    Just curious, have you had a pregnant doe go through the stress of changing environments and still have a healthy pregnancy? Or did they abort and just absorb the fetuses? Why I'm asking is that we have two bred does and we've had to move them in the house today. We're waiting on our barn to...
  7. 4kr

    New rabbitry logo

    Just had to share my excitement with our new logo my sister made. Our rabbitry name is 4 Kings Rabbitry...our last name is King and there are 4 of us so she made us into bunnies. I thought she caught our personalities perfectly. My son is the curious youngster who has his tail in the air and my...
  8. 4kr

    Pull out pans in cages

    Forgive me if this has been a topic before, just let me know what the link is. Our new barn or bun house is almost done and I was considering getting the flush kleen system that didn't require any litter changing, but it is very very expensive and now just considering pull out pans. So what do...
  9. 4kr

    Is this a split penis?

    I'm just devestated! We purchased this rabbit as a show doe at the DH Nationals. She is a 2.5 month old baby...born Jan. 20th of this year. Looked like a doe at the show last weekend, now we have testicle sacs and what appears to be a split penis. I've never had a rabbit with this and I just...
  10. 4kr

    New bunnies!!

    Whew! What a blast we had. Met so many sweet breeders and everyone was so helpful. My sister and I ended up being 'runners' to get the rabbits out of their coops and on the show table. There were so many nice DHs there, I was able to feel what good type should feel like...I was in awe...
  11. 4kr

    Interview time!

    Hey Everyone, I've come up with a few 'interview' questions to get to know you guys better, it's just for fun really. I'mcurious to know the answers! Here we go.... 1. How long have you owned rabbits? 2. What's the story behind the name of your rabbitry? 3. Youth or Open? 4...
  12. 4kr

    Unexplained infertility in a doe

    I'm debating on whether it's worth a try with a doe that's for sale. This doe is 1yr old, will be 2 this summer, and has had 5 litters....but the breeder has been trying to get her bred since last august....and nothing. She's tired of trying with her and considers her taking up space so wants...
  13. 4kr

    Class order for a breed class

    What is the class order for a particular breed? Like is it Sr. Bucks first or Jr.s on the table first? Is it the same order at all ARBA shows or is it up to the show to decide? Thanks!!:)
  14. 4kr

    Sedalia, MO April 8-10

    Anyone going to the Sedalia, MO show on April 8-10th? There are several national breed shows going on that weekend there. We'll be there, but not showing. Can't wait!
  15. 4kr

    DH critique

    Well the Satin deal fell through, good thing, because out of the blue I got an email from a DH breeder I emailed back in January. She has amazing stock and is willing to help us get started.:biggrin2: The buck is absolutely jaw dropping, I am on cloud nine!!:yahoo: Especially considering the...
  16. 4kr

    Those with a SOP book

    We may be getting a trio of Satins on Tuesday and I have no clue what to look for. I will be ordering a SOP but I don't think it would be here in time. Would someone mind letting me know what the SOP is for Satins? If you would rather scan it, PM me for my email addy. I Really Really appreciate...
  17. 4kr


    Well the 3 DH breeders I contacted last month bailed on me. I asked to be on the waitlist for nationals and when I contacted them last week I seem to not be on any of them. nothing available. UGH! So, what about Satins....anyone have this breed? Is the standard similar to NZ standard? I need...
  18. 4kr

    Blue eye or light brown?

    Would you say this doe's eye is blue or light brown? It looks like a DQ either way to me...what do you think? Other eye: Sorry the pictures are so blown out!
  19. 4kr

    Selling culls and calling them 'Quality show rabbits'

    Forgive me, I'm just a little frustrated! Ok, we have been searching for months for Dwarf Hotots in our state and surrounding states. Were put on waiting lists, ect. Well a couple of weeks ago we contacted a breeder in Oklahoma who said she had Quality show stock for sale. So she says she will...
  20. 4kr


    I'm worried about our new buns. Both are very thin(bones sticking out, can feel every rib) but their bellies are Huge! They feel like they are malnourished, coat is dull, but otherwise are happy bunnies. Eating like pigs, drinking, poops normal, it's just they look wormy to me with the big...