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  1. Spring

    My bunny dilemma

    Ah ha! I see now! :D I'd go for it and try a bunny date! Hopefully she's like Jasmine, where the two took pity on her and decided she needed some TLC when I first introduced all three. Jasmine wasn't seen as any sort of threat to the other two (she basically sat the whole time waiting for...
  2. Spring

    The Earth is not your personal ashtray!

    I'd just stick an ashtray where the buds are currently being thrown with a friendly note saying "My gift to you" or something. Bleh! Not difficult to just keep them contained in a little dish and dump that every so often.
  3. Spring

    Greater Vancouver Area Members! Art in the Vines - August 22

    Hi there! This Saturday, August 22nd the Township 7 Vineyards is holding an Art in the Vines event where the local rescue, Small Animal Rescue Society of BC will be fundraising. There will be local artists, children's fun area and a BBQ. Donations for the rescue will go towards spaying and...
  4. Spring

    Five bunnies bonded

    Wow, that's so great! How did you do it? Did you just have them in a huge neutral area? Were they all 5 single bunnies? I'm so tempted to try to bond all five of mine (a trio and a pair) for one - when I move out (with how things are going, in the next year or so) it'll be a lot easier to have...
  5. Spring

    Holland lop vs. Mini lop

    You should maybe check out a rescue, that's one way if you are looking for a certain personality (cuddly, friendly, people orientated) so you get a rabbit that fits your family. Babies can be very very sweet, but as they grow up their personalities can change and you may not end up with what...
  6. Spring


    :shock:! You saw him live? AHHH! I've been dying for him to come for a show around here, definitely one of my top ones I need to see live! And I wouldn't of hesitated to pop the question right then and there! :P
  7. Spring

    Rabbit Diet

    Yeah, I don't think (unless they are total junk) pellets play too huge of a role because usually they are fed in a small amount. So generally anything around those levels are good.. even if it isn't timothy based. Still lots of good alfalfa based pellets out there. Are you feeding hay as...
  8. Spring

    Rabbit Diet

    Hi there! :) Your rabbit's diet sounds good! I split my pellet feedings between the morning and night with veggies at night just so they don't eat it all at once, but it's fine to give it all at once. You're pellets sound good! The guaranteed analysis is around where it should be with the...
  9. Spring

    aww bunny loves!

    Aww! That's so cute! I get so ticklish if bunnies are on my back, so they usually get fed up and not want to crawl around anymore! That's so cute, definitely an 'awwwww' moment! I see lots of bunny love between my pair and trio.. it's definitely very cute to see them all lovey with each other!
  10. Spring

    Edmonton Alberta CANADA

    Is that a French lop by any chance? :D I recognize the chubby feet look!
  11. Spring

    Nervous about bonding!

    Yup, though on the other hand - when I added Jasmine into the pair, it took about a week. All about the individual bunnies! You just have to be patient and persistent, and eventually a bond will happen. That was 10 months on/off though.. not daily bonding. It went months without having them...
  12. Spring


    Next time grow out some dreadlocks too and you could totally pull off a John Butler.. :biggrin:
  13. Spring

    Nervous about bonding!

    Sometimes they can be quite stubborn with grooming.. but most likely eventually it will happen :D. It took Georgie 10 months to groom Pebbles.. and when that happened, they were bonded in a couple days after Georgie groomed Pebbles. Sometimes it just takes something to 'click' and then they'll...
  14. Spring

    Nervous about bonding!

    Sounds good! :) Ohh, didn't know they were free range. I would just keep doing sessions until you move and see how they go. When a bunny puts their head down for another bunny, it's them wanting the other to groom them.
  15. Spring

    seeking advise

    I was in the same situation when I moved Pebbles from the free roam of my room down to the large NIC pen with Georgie and she's been doing fine. As long as he has stuff to do and the occasional run time, should be alright! Neutering will definitely help.. it's never too late for a bun to be...
  16. Spring

    Black feet and bum ... from newspapers

    Hi Carol! I used to use newspaper for a brief period, but had the same problem. There are lots of different alternatives, so no worries! Is the hutch indoor or outdoor? If it's indoor (or even outdoor - though don't have experience using fleece outdoors) you could possibly look into other...
  17. Spring

    just found out Piksi is a BOY!

    Oh no! That gender fairy really needs to stop playing tricks! Or maybe it's a gender pixie? ;) I love the name Piksi for a boy, I don't think it's overly girly at all. If you are looking to get him neutered, around now is probably a good time to do it. Will help with the hormones and litter...
  18. Spring

    Nervous about bonding!

    Hi there Marybeth! :) You can do quick (20-30 minute) bonding sessions in a neutral area in the meantime. You don't have to keep them together now, but if bonding is going well feel free to extend the amount of time they are together. Probably good to get them extra used to each other, because...
  19. Spring

    Animal Communicators

    I'd love to experience something like this, because I just am way too much of a skeptic.. but I don't think I'd pay money for it. Definitely lots of questions (especially for Jasmine) I'd love to know, but to be honest, I just don't see how things like this could work. Very strange that (if...
  20. Spring

    Wanted To Share My Art Work,Tell Me What You Think!

    That balloon art is awesome! Have you ever tried making a bunny related balloon art? That would be really neat! Never heard of making pictures out of balloons, but it looks so cool!