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  1. AngelnSnuffy

    How's your vet expirience?

    Do you retain everything your vet says in that precious time? I don't! I swear I need to take a tape recorder w/ me! lol, good thing hubby was off work and came w/ me today, he remembers questions I asked about and her answers, which to some I don't.:shock::?:P I'm blaming stress! We recently...
  2. AngelnSnuffy

    Not eating hay like he used to...

    Okay, so a couple weeks ago we tried going back to Timothy hay instead of feeding Orchard grass, for variety and teeth wear. He wouldn't eat the timothy so we just a couple days ago went back to Orchard and he's not really eating it.:( He'll eat some, but not like he used to. At first we thought...
  3. AngelnSnuffy

    HRS Podcast

  4. AngelnSnuffy

    Year of the Rabbit Coin.

    http://www.austincoins.com/Silver-rabbit-coins.htm How awesome for us bun nuts!:D
  5. AngelnSnuffy

    Urine issues still and now bloody hocks.

    I was searching the Library and found this thread, sounds so similar to what's happening w/ Snuff. The pic is exactly what his foot looks like. http://rabbitsonline.net/view_topic.php?id=10453&forum_id=1 We found a couple bloody spots in his cage the other day, not sure where it came from...
  6. AngelnSnuffy

    Bunny just left a pile for hubby..

    Omg, so funny! I haven't posted about him, Snuffy, in so long. Hubby feeds him at night. While petting him, he left a nice, big pile o'poos, lol!!!:P He's been real good, but most recently, he's been pooing all over his cage. Peed last night while cleaning his litterbox, had to give him a...
  7. AngelnSnuffy

    Real Men Love Bunnies II!

    New thread, the other one was getting huge!:biggrin2:
  8. AngelnSnuffy

    Carrot tops

    I heard this mentioned a long time ago. Some of you do this, go to grocery store, and request chopped off carrot tops from the produce section? Hubby goes for me on his way home and always sees just the packaged long carrots. So, do most stores chop the tops off and toss away? I told him to ask...
  9. AngelnSnuffy

    So bummed.

    Ugh, I just don't get it. First there was a cousin of a friend, then someone on fb who all he does is post pics of his buns, I've asked him like 4 times, I don't want to be annoying. The last time I asked, I said I was recruiting for the bunnies and please check us out, he said he promised he'd...
  10. AngelnSnuffy

    How to get Baytril w/out appt.

    Ok, I went on Bunspace tonight and read enough to know that between there and here that I'd better at least get some Baytril and treat and see if we take everything away and way it was, if there are any accidents after a week of it. I think Tamsin is right and I'm being...apprehensive or...
  11. AngelnSnuffy

    Partial to mostly blind and loss of litter habits...

    Well, Snuff had one cataract, noticed a tiny litterbox slip ups here and there. Now he has two cataracts:(. Poor thing, we know. But, has anyone seen, researched blind buns and incontence at all? I've not seen/heard of it. But, Snuff seems to have either that or just laziness, which I just...
  12. AngelnSnuffy

    So any of you hear your bunny...

    Anyone's bun scrape their teeth on the cage surface in timely sucession? Its weird. I think Snuff is insane, haha. I actually do have a bit of vid of him doing the teeth thing. Anyone else buns do this? It's quite strange.:D
  13. AngelnSnuffy


    We went bowling tonight and came home to Snuff having what I believe to a Corneal Ulcer in his eye, it has a huge white thing over most of his eye. I'm trying not to freak out. What are your experiences, knowledge. How urgent is this? What does it mean about his health? Thanks!:shock:
  14. AngelnSnuffy

    Snuffy bit me!

    Wtf? I was cuddling him, he wanted down,I could tell, but didn't let him, I've done that in the past. Then, he bites me, three times through my sweatshirt. Ow, he's never done that before...:? What a tude.:P
  15. AngelnSnuffy


    Thought we needed a link here.;) (If you get a yahoo message saying something like not sponsered by Yahoo, just click here.) ARBA Website
  16. AngelnSnuffy

    Went to a rabbit show today!

    It was so awesome!:bunnydance: I had emailed the Director of the event ahead of time. She said there'd be 1400 buns there, and there were, even some breeds I didn't expect:D. Got to see the Flemmies be judged:biggrin2:, which had to be the best event of the whole show besides seeing the...
  17. AngelnSnuffy

    American Idol!

    So, what do you all think of the top 24? I saw a few go that I really liked and thought were worthy. Being: Maddie, Mary and Angela. Angela was on Ellen today,Ellen said that Kara is gonna write a song for her to record and they would get her a record deal! Awesome.. Mary was quite confident...
  18. AngelnSnuffy

    MINI-REX Madness-II

    Start new pics here!:D
  19. AngelnSnuffy

    Your Picture!-Part III

    Part II Now closed. Start new ones here!:D
  20. AngelnSnuffy

    Chalazion Cyst under eye

    I do, and it sucks! I have to go to the eye dr Tues to see about removal, ugh. Basically, this is a "cyst" on your eyelid. I have a considerable one on my lower that is what I'm concerned about and getting removed Tues. It takes up all space under my eye and spans to almost my upper cheek bone...