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  1. Hoppy Land

    Help me figure out Lionhead kits colour

    Hi guys! I haven't posted in a long time now! I had my blue Lionhead doe give birth to two beautiful double manned kits! She has been bred to a double manned cream buck The thing is I am still trying to figure out the colour of those kits! lol I am thinking maybe they are shaded! It's both...
  2. Hoppy Land

    Gold Tipped Steel rabbit genotype

    I'm having fun learning about rabbits genetics and I'm trying to figure out my bunnies Genotypes I did pretty well for all of my bunnies except for one... My Gold Tipped Steel one He is a mix of Holland Lop and Mini Rex His dad is a Lilac Mini Rex and mother Frosty Holland Lop I'm trying to...
  3. Hoppy Land

    What color type my bunny is?

    I've been doing some researches but haven't really found an answer What color is my bunny He is black based, full black on face and paws but the tip of his hair on the body our creamish Anybody can help with that?
  4. Hoppy Land

    Good rabbit books to suggest?

    I am currently looking to buy a book about rabbits Pretty much on any subjects such as: breeding, breeds, grooming, training, personalities etc... Anybody has a good one that would like to share?
  5. Hoppy Land

    Pregnant doe pulling out fur

    I bred my doe 28 days ago She has gained some weight in the last couple week (not a lot tho), and I put in the nesting box a couple days ago Yesterday morning I did the normal chores, nothing special But when a came later in the day I saw she has put some hay and pull out some fur and did a nice...