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  1. CookieJingleToes

    Frustrated bunny wants to complain

    Sorry friends, I have been monitoring but not posting much. Its Chowder here and I have figured out how to get the treats! So the oter day my favorite servant was in the kitchen gettig her lunch ready to take to work. I stealthy snuck up and hid under her skirt, when she turned around her foot...
  2. CookieJingleToes

    What is your bunny named and why?

    Chowder. He was a previously owned bun and came with the name. Here he is snuggling with Alex the house turkey.
  3. CookieJingleToes

    Frustrated bunny wants to complain

    Please note i am now in the corner of the room as my human servant has decided she needs geese. GEESE!. Yesterday she let them eat collard greens. My collard greens. Its not enough i have to share my room with these obnoxious peepers but share my food. To my left are chicks, in my cage. (It...
  4. CookieJingleToes

    What is the cutest thing your bunny does!

    Chowder likes to head butt the dog and cats.
  5. CookieJingleToes

    Naughty bun

    Oh yes he could jump it. So i pushed it up to the hutch. Its now ancohred to the wall as he pulled it away and then jumped it. Ceramic dog bowl, to heavy to tip. He is spoiled and has a lot of space and quality time, he's just naughty. Yes, bunnies are always changing the rules on us. I have...
  6. CookieJingleToes

    Naughty bun

    Chowder has the whole room, minus the bookcase the tv is on and a small corner with the hutch. Things are plugged in back there. So he pulls the fence out so he can jump it. 3x i have come in to him on the wrong side. I had to spend the afternoon anchoring it so he cant move it. Please note he...
  7. CookieJingleToes

    Return my bunny?

    Im coming late to this thread...but...i got a 7 month old rescue. I was lucky in that he was well cared for and only surrendered due to hay allergies. He was completely litter trained and tolerated handling. I also had the option of returning him, no questions asked. I gave him the spare room...
  8. CookieJingleToes

    I apologize to all of my rabbits and especially to you, my fierce little angel

    I had a bunny in high school. (This is the mid 80's, BTW) He was in a fairly small hutch my dad made. In the summer it was outside under a shade tree and in the winter we moved it in to the machine shed. I was a horrible bunny owner. He was fed hay and way too many veggies (sometimes cooked)...
  9. CookieJingleToes

    2020 Indoor Cages... add your photo!

    Made a train hay box for Chowder today.
  10. CookieJingleToes

    2020 Indoor Cages... add your photo!

    And snip off the excess zip tie. Those silly bunnies like to chew. (I know this seems like a "well duh" thing but my son is the one who suggested it to me as I did not think of it!)
  11. CookieJingleToes

    Frustrated bunny wants to complain

    Trixie, my name is Chowder. And yes the blueberries are worth a little snuggly. I have even willing jumped on my human servants lap for one.
  12. CookieJingleToes

    Nala-bunny's wall-of-shame (please contribute!)

    If mom puts to much litter in my box I remove what I need so it's the right amount. After mom cleaned up the hay pieces I didnt eat, I chewed open the bag, (ignoring the fresh hay I was given). And finally, the litter my mom gets has a picture of a ferret so if I can get to it I chew the face...
  13. CookieJingleToes

    Frustrated bunny wants to complain

    Chowder human servant (CHS) here: I go into the bunny room. Floppy bunny. No pick up. I go into the bunny room. Bunny in hay house. No pick up. WHEN IS MY BUNNY TIME? I WANT my time. I give dehydrated bananas (plantains ). Where is my time? Google has told me, floppy bunny,leave a lone. In bunny...
  14. CookieJingleToes

    Frustrated bunny wants to complain

    Chowder here, my human servant did dehydrate some plantains for a tasty treat. However it was not the ultra ripe sweet plantain and I'd rather a banana. And the dog is still here. Could do without him. Have not heard about Google for a day or more.
  15. CookieJingleToes

    Frustrated bunny wants to complain

    Hi, I'm Chowder. I would like to complain about Google. I dont know who they are but my human servant talks to them a lot. When I first arrived at my new kingdom all was well. I had pellets 2 times a day, (the good kind with lots of colorful treats mixed in) Then my servant talked to Google...
  16. CookieJingleToes

    2020 Indoor Cages... add your photo!

    Does anyone bunny use store bought house? I got a hay one and he will not go in it(unless I put a treat init, but he just pulls the treat out) I also had a hot kind of like Biscuit has in the picture but gave up and let the cats have it. No a cardboard box with a door cut in he loves. It's...
  17. CookieJingleToes

    2020 Indoor Cages... add your photo!

    Chowder has a bedroom. Instead of caging him I just blocked off outlets. And books. He loves to "read". Its still a bit of a work in progress. Needs new flooring and a better curtain. I use it as a second tv room so I dont have to watch sports.
  18. CookieJingleToes

    Carrying a rabbit?

    I use the "scoop and cuddle" method. I scoop him up under the tummy with one hand and put my other hand on his side and snuggle him close. He may try to kick but it really minimizes the scratch. I pick him up at least once a day and usually give a small treat so he gets a reward. He was only 7...
  19. CookieJingleToes

    Hay house

    So I made Chowder a hay house. Not being used as expected.