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  1. Sam_

    What do you think of what I built?

    I built this hidey house out Of wood scrap I found because they kept destroying the cardboard ones that I make. They aren’t big chewers and they have plenty of other things to chew on
  2. Sam_

    bunny only wants hay?

    bubbles and brownie had been drinking less water before they got back from the vet after their scabbing issue. the vet said they were dehydrated and gave them subcutaneous fluids. we have been unable to get greens for multiple days and they have been eating tons of hay. I tried giving them...
  3. Sam_

    could bubbles and brownie be show rabbits?

    I was wondering if I could get a pedigree for 3 year old rabbits from the breeder. and if you can judge by these pictures on a scale of 1-10 how well would they do in a show?
  4. Sam_

    bubbles keeps trying to steal my crunchy granola bar

    bubbles really likes to sneak up on me and try to steal my granola bars. is there anything in it that can hurt him if he tries to nibble it?
  5. Sam_

    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    bubbles and brownie take forever to finish their lettuce. they are happily eating their hay and pellets and are drinking their water. they are also happy to eat treats. I have been feeding them lettuce every day for a week now and I think they want something new.
  6. Sam_

    Help! I found a big scab near both my bunnies mouths and the scab came off too early

    my bunnies have developed scabs on the sides of their mouths and the skin around them is white and flaky. I was examining one when brownie jerked his head back and the scab came off. the skin looks raw an I don't know how to treat it. what are the scabs and how can I treat brownie? they also...
  7. Sam_

    would a bonded pair of rabbits get along with a guinea pig?

    my sister wants to get a guinea pig and I was wondering if my rabbits would fight, get along, or just ignore it
  8. Sam_

    can rabbits eat citrus?

    I was wondering if my bunnies could have a slice of lemon, orange, or grapefruit
  9. Sam_

    Do you like the hidey house I made for my bunnies?

    I made sure not to use tape or glue in places that the bunnies could reach
  10. Sam_

    friend's rabbit is very scared of hands

    a family friend had adopted a rabbit and it seems like he had been abused. he will lunge and draw blood if he sees your hands, but he is a very sweet bunny if you are holding him. I was thinking about putting on some leather gloves covered by wool gloves and just letting him bite me until he...
  11. Sam_

    ear mite cure recommendation from other rabbit owner

    One of our family friends says you can treat ear mites and fur mites with a pea sized drop of ivermectin paste between the shoulders. can I do this and will it work?
  12. Sam_

    bunny pees on anything (comfortable) he sleeps on

    I got brownie a pet bed so he can have somewhere to sleep and less than 2 hours later, he pees on where he was sleeping. when he was sleeping on his hay bale he did the same thing and ruined his hay I tried to stop him from sleeping on it.
  13. Sam_


    he seems to be breathing ok at rest but when he starts to breathe heavily it sounds like the noise you get when your nose is blocked when you have a cold. what can I do? he also is getting very stressed and he bit me for the first time in his life. he is also acting very normal and is using his...
  14. Sam_

    Bunny making strange noise?

    It sounds a bit like an rc car motor. Like a little brrrr but kinda high pitched. It is a low version of what a rabbit squeak sounds like but much more like purring. He does it when he wants something.
  15. Sam_

    rabbit has a big bald patch on his ear

    bubbles's ear has a big bald spot on it. the skin looks normal to me and there are no scratch marks and it is not red. what could it be?
  16. Sam_

    Bunny only wants to eat cardboard

    ever since he discovered paper and cardboard, brownie has not wanted to eat his hay and will only eat cardboard. how can I stop him?
  17. Sam_

    abnormally large holland lop?

    brownie looks very big for a holland lop, but I can feel his ribs and his hips without pushing down at all. he also does not have a lot of floof. compared to his normal sized brother, he is very big. he seems to run around a normal amount. I was wondering why a purebred holland lop rabbit would...
  18. Sam_

    vet asked to see bubbles again

    Bubbles's blood work came back and the vet said he is showing some signs of kidney issues. I was just wondering how rare is kidney failure in a 2 1/2 year old rabbit? I'm not super worried because the vet said that the kidney stuff can just be a symptom of GI stasis.
  19. Sam_

    bad gas or GI stasis?

    bubbles has slowly stopped eating and will only nibble some hay. he even refuses his favorite treat, banana. my mom said that she could feel his tummy gurgling and thinks that he hasn't gone into stasis. we are getting pineapple and infant gas drops as of now and we will get critical care if...