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  1. mambo101

    Cute Rabbit Shirt today(friday) only on Woot.com

    A cool cute rabbit shirt is available today only onhttp://shirt.woot.com for just 10 bucks. The shirt looks like this:
  2. mambo101


    As many of you know I have been unemployed since January. Next week I will be going to Norfolk, VA to stay with a friend and do some job hunting there. If I do find a job there I will will be staying with my friend at his townhouse. I will not be able to take my rabbits with me. He will not...
  3. mambo101

    Oren Reynolds Passes Away

    Oren Reynolds, Decatur, Illinois February 25, 1906 to November 3, 2008 With the passing today of Oren Reynolds the ARBA lost its strongest leader and father. Oren gave his heart and soul to the ARBA his entire life. He had recently struggled with his health but...
  4. mambo101

    Cool shirt for rabbit people

    There is a very cool rabbit shirt available TODAY ONLY Monday, July 28th on http://shirt.woot.com I have ordered from this site before so I need to tell you be sure to order a size higher than you usually wear. Also if this post against the rules of the forum, feel free to remove it. Dan
  5. mambo101

    New Episode of The Rabbit Show This Sunday

    I will have a new episode of The Rabbit Show on Talkshoe.com this Sunday July13th at 9PM Eastern time. My special guest will be Suaz Forsythe, Communications Director of Animal Friends in Pittsburgh. She will mostly be discussing her experience as a "rabbit wrangler." She will talk about how she...
  6. mambo101

    New Episode of The Rabbit Show This Sunday!

    Yes folks there will be a new episode of The Rabbit Show on Talkshoe.com this Sunday June 15th. My special guest will be Ali Perrotti, aka our own RO moderator Jadeicing. The main topic will be "Living with, and caring for a head-tilt rabbit." Be sure to listen and call in with any questions...
  7. mambo101

    Status of The Rabbit Show

    Just wanted to let everyone know that my talkcast "The Rabbit Show" on talkshoe.com is not on hiatus again, but I will only do a show when I can book a special guest to interview. It seems there is not must interest in the show when I do an Open Lines only show. The last time I tried that...
  8. mambo101

    New Blog

    Just thought you folks might want to check out my new blog. It has nothing to do with rabbits, just some random thoughts. Be advised at times it contains adult language. The link is http://www.threeriversthoughts.com And if you are not aware, I do have a rabbit news site at...
  9. mambo101

    New The Rabbit Show this Sunday

    Unfortunately, I was not able to book a special guest for this Sunday's episode of The Rabbit Show on Talkshoe.com. That does not mean I still won't do a show. The length of the show will depend on YOUR participation. So be sure to go to Talkshoe.com Sunday night at 9PM EST and listen. I will...
  10. mambo101

    The Rabbit Show Returns Sunday!

    The Rabbit Show returns from hiatus this Sunday, May 4th at 9PM est on Talkshoe.com. My special guest will be Richard Vaerewyck who is the American Rabbit Breeders Association and American Cavy Breeders Association "King." Richard will enlighten us on these youth royalty programs and talk about...
  11. mambo101

    Rabbit sings opera

  12. mambo101

    The Rabbit Show On Hiatus

    I'm sorry to have to announce this, but I am postponing all future episodes of The Rabbit Show. The main reason is it seems a group known as The Podcrashers are infiltrating all the show on Talkshoe and using extremely dirty language in the chat rooms. Until Talkshoe takes some measures to give...
  13. mambo101

    Washington County PA Rabbit Show Photos

    Freshly posted on the All American Rabbit Gazette. http://www.allamericanrabbit.net
  14. mambo101

    Washington, PA Show

    So who is all going this Sunday?
  15. mambo101

    Very Special Guest Announcement

    I have just booked a very special guest for the next episode of the The Rabbit Show, March 9 9PM EST. Nicholas Quixote, Executive Producer of Quixote Productions will be my very special guest. If you are familiar with the Rabbit Bites videos featuring Buns & Chou Chou as seen on Youtube, they...
  16. mambo101

    The Rabbit Show Announcement

    The special guest for this weekends edition of The Rabbit Show will be YOU!. That's right, unless something happens at the last minute, I will have open lines. So don't forget to join me on The Rabbit Show, tomorrow night at 9PM EST. For more info, go to http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/83144 .
  17. mambo101

    New Guest Announcement For Feb 10th

    I have just booked rabbit rehabber Jana Shannon for the next episode of The Rabbit Show on February 10th. By the way, the last episode with guest Sharon Stiteler, author of Disappoving Rabbits is still available to stream or download at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/83144 Here is Jana Shannon's...
  18. mambo101

    This can haz cheezburger

  19. mambo101


    I just booked Sharon Stiteler, author of Disapproving Rabbits for the next episode of The Rabbit Show. Be sure to listen and call in with your questions Sunday, January 27th at 9PM EST. To access the show go to http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/83144 .
  20. mambo101

    Got laid off on Friday

    After 15 years working for the same company I got laid off on Friday. I will be able to collect unemployment and will still be getting paid for the whole month of January. for sure I won't be able to go the PA rabbit convention next month. I'm already bored. Please pray that I find a new job.