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  1. Howard cordingley

    Grain Free Pellets a Plus!

    My rabbit who is 10+ has a pellet diet only due to dental issues. He has softened pellets. However thanks to great advice on here a few weeks ago about grain free ones I switched to Science Select ones. What a big difference it made. No soft poo very clean bum! Jasper loves these, as you see in...
  2. Howard cordingley

    How many pellets

    My senior rabbit who is on a softened pellet diet only due to being unable to eat hay occasionally gets soft poo. I wondered how much in pellets he should have. This is not your normal situation where only give a handful daily. He’s had this diet for 12+months and is fit. Has his spurs treated...
  3. Howard cordingley

    Freshest shop bought hay in UK

    I try my rabbit on varied hay brands all the usual top brands but wondered if anyone in UK knows of a hay brand that’s fresh?
  4. Howard cordingley

    Rabbit loose poo

    Hi folks. My rabbit has been getting soft poo and I do wipe his bottom when he lets me. He’s been to vets for his antibiotic injection yesterday for his abscess in mouth.and he’s been offered the fibre plus too. But I wondered if besides keeping him warm and keeping his bottom clean should I cut...
  5. Howard cordingley

    Sudden loose poo

    Hi folks. hope all ok! My rabbit just suddenly gotsoft poo on his bottom which he’s more had for 12 months. But he’s ok in himself a d I tried to wipe it clean but he won’t let me. He is at vet tomorrow as part of his weekly antibiotics but wondered should I not feed him for a few hours before...
  6. Howard cordingley

    How much greens to feed

    Hi everyone Just wondered how much greens you give your bunny each day? I vary mine each day with lettuce not iceberg. Herbs. Kale. Brocli. Just wondered how much daily?
  7. Howard cordingley

    Monitoring big belly

    Hi folks. My rabbit 2 seems healthy enough but I noticed when she’s sitting down and I pick her up it feels like she really plump around her belly. She has pellets muesli and hay with a handful of mixed greens daily. I fill her litter tray daily too with a lot of hay to e encourage her to eat...
  8. Howard cordingley

    Let them mix or not?

    Hi folks. Hope you experienced bunny keepers can help me. I have two house bunnies in seperated cages. One is an old rescue buck not neutered and the other a doe who is speyed. She is 2. When I let them out to excercise they do sniff each other through the cage. Snd the buck will sit for hours...
  9. Howard cordingley

    Post dental care

    Hi everyone hope you are all well. I just wondered if you can share experiences when your bunny has had dental treatment and their recovery afterwards. My rabbit has his teeth filed Down today and I collected him at 4-30. It is now 9.00 a d he’s still sleeping showing no interest in anything...
  10. Howard cordingley

    Depocillion for rabbit

    My rabbit had his back teeth filed down again today which is regular. The vet said he has abscesses behind the teeth snd has suggested weekly injection of Depocillion which should hopefully keep them under control. She said she is unable to do anything further but to see how the injections do...
  11. Howard cordingley


    Took jasper for a normal dental and health checkup and vet says he’s got arthritis and suggested metacam which I give him already for his teeth discomfort too. Just wondered was there anything else I could buy him to help him.he is 11
  12. Howard cordingley

    Ethics of teeth filing

    My rabbit who I took in two years ago when he was found in woods is a great bunny very friendly relaxed. Loves being stroked cuddled. Vets think he must be 10/11. He has to have his teeth filed every 6/8 weeks and only eats soft pellets. This was suggested by the vet and he has been on these 12...
  13. Howard cordingley

    Cutting out muesli etc

    My indoor rabbit is putting on weight. I am cutting out muesli and reducing greens. She has lots of quality hay both in her cage and her litter tray. I just worry she won’t eat more hay. Is there a way of knowing if a rabbit is eating enough daily to ensure it’s adequate?
  14. Howard cordingley

    What age can rabbit live to?

    I wondered how you can tell a rabbits age and their life expectancy? I have had Jasper two years now snd he was found in parkland 2 years ago. I took him in and he has to have regular teeth filing. Can’t eat hay etc and lives on softened quality pellets. A daily grape or two which he likes. My...
  15. Howard cordingley

    Triple vacination

    I have two indoor rabbits one is 2 the other 10 years+ my younger one is getting a vacination that is 3 in 1 to protect her from the rabbit viruses. Should the older rabbit have it? Will he cope at his age with this vacination?
  16. Howard cordingley

    Safe suitable bedding

    I have two indoor rabbits in seperate cages. I wondered what type of bed or bedding I can place in the cages for them to sleep in to keep warm overnight? I am wary of putting in cloth incase they chew and eat it.
  17. Howard cordingley

    Best Hay?

    I buy the hay in pets at home but wondered how fresh can this shop bought hay really be? I wondered if there were other alternative hay suppliers? I was looking at Hay Box has anyone bought theirs?
  18. Howard cordingley

    Rabbit suddenly weeing

    I have two indoor rabbits in separate cages and they are let out separately for exercise. But I noticed these last few days the male who is 10 has been urinating on the floor which is unusual as he normally uses his litter box. The doe is neutered 7 months ago but could it be she still gives...
  19. Howard cordingley

    Risks with Bonding

    I hope someone can help me! My rabbit Jasper 10 has not lost his sex drive I have a doe Skye who is 2 and is very placid. Both are indoor rabbits in seperate cages snd let out seperatley in the day for excercise. They usually go to each other’s cage when out. I try put them together but the...
  20. Howard cordingley

    Warm Bedding Indoor Rabbits

    I wondered what safe warm bedding to offer my rabbit who is in a cage in conservatory. She has a litter tray with hay on top but wondered if she needs a fleece to lay on over night?