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  1. Megamuffinandchip

    Feeding ball for pellets?

    Hey bun buds! I had my vet recommend finding a way for my rabbit to work more for her food, siiiiince she's a little bit chonkier than he would like. I've seen cat and dog toys that slowly dispense treats/food and was wondering if you guys had heard of a similar thing for rabbits. I would love...
  2. Megamuffinandchip

    Help renaming rescue bun!!!

    So, I got my Poppy girl a hus-bun! She is the broken chestnut, but the little black & white boi does not yet have a concrete name. He is an absolute sweetheart and derp. The rescue had him named Turnip, but he doesn't scream vegetable to me 😂. I'm open to suggestions on names (besides oreo, plz...
  3. Megamuffinandchip

    Why are male/female bonds constantly pushed by rescues?

    So this isn't a post raging over rescues being homophobic or anything 😂, I'm just curious as to why this is. I've seen that different groups of people are pretty divided on this topic, some websites say that all pairings are possible and not too hard to make happen, while others say that...
  4. Megamuffinandchip

    Returning a rescue

    I posted a little bit ago about having regrets in getting my second rabbit and this is the follow-up. I of course feel really terrible about having to bring the little guy back, but I feel like he deserves a home where his owner truly loves him. That's not to say I don't find him cute in his own...
  5. Megamuffinandchip

    What is my bun?

    So here is my little chonker, Poppy! I've always wanted to know what she was, since the lady who was getting rid of her just said that the mom was a meat rabbit?! Her patern always seemed pretty distinct and she is on the medium to large end of the rabbit scale. I'm assuming she is a mutt of...
  6. Megamuffinandchip

    Second rabbit regret?

    I know this probably is terrible, but I just needed a place to ask about this and to figure out what I can do to get over this feeling. So I adopted my baby girl Poppy almost a year ago, she is literally the light in my live and makes me feel loved more than anything else in this world. I...