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  1. DelawareRunner

    Dating when you have rabbits

    I'm an old, married lady (ha!) who has been married almost nineteen years and we have had rabbits (and now also guinea pigs) for seventeen out of those almost nineteen years. My husband is a correctional sergeant at a supermax prison which is typically viewed as a manly man's job, but he...
  2. DelawareRunner

    Where did you adopt your rabbit from?

    Precious (my avatar) was adopted in 2017 from a rabbit rescue. I was very depressed after my previous bunny died and she helped heal my heart. She was less than a year old and had been seized from a pretty bad rabbit hoarding case in PG County, MD. She was not in bad shape when seized due to...
  3. DelawareRunner


    New ones I just took this morning:
  4. DelawareRunner


    Precious last year....
  5. DelawareRunner

    11yr old bunny with overgrown tumor...

    So sorry for your loss. Eleven years is a long time. My twelve year old bunny passed away over three years ago and I still mourn her so much, but I know she lived a happy life and she always felt loved as I am sure your rabbits feel the same. I do agree that they sometimes sense the end and...
  6. DelawareRunner

    Bunny eating poop

    My previous bunny was the biggest poop eater ever. Cecals, regular poops....she loved them all. She would poop and then spin around very fast to eat them--sometimes many of them! She was quite a chubby bunny too, but she lived to be twelve years old and very healthy up until cancer took her...
  7. DelawareRunner

    Why the thumps?

    My Precious likes to do the excited thumping. She runs around thumping or will stop and thump or even binky and thump. She actually seems to enjoy it, lol.
  8. DelawareRunner

    What is your bunny named and why?

    The president of the rescue named her "Precious" because she is so tiny and cute. The rescue president saw her hopping around the rabbit hoarder's house (where she was born and lived the first few months of her life) and said, "Look at her--she is just so precious!" and the name stuck. I...
  9. DelawareRunner

    Traveling with rabbits for long periods of time

    We're thinking about doing the same with my bunny and two guinea pigs when my husband retires in a few years. Traveling just a few hours and then staying somewhere for awhile shouldn't be too stressful. Let us know how things work out :).
  10. DelawareRunner

    Bunnies home alone?

    I've had good luck leaving my bunny with my friend/pet sitter. This is what I do when we go away on vacation. My bunny likes having people around and my pet sitter is home a lot to keep her company. Her home is also quiet, which is what my bunny likes. I also feel reassured that she is safe...
  11. DelawareRunner

    Rabbits Make Me Angry

    I wanted to get another bunny to bond with my Precious, but I decided against it given the rescue said they tried to bond her with a couple other rabbits and it did not go well. She came from a hoarding situation of 100 rabbits and she most likely does not like other rabbits because it was a...
  12. DelawareRunner

    Lost my baby boy

    So sorry for your loss. My bunny of twelve years passed almost three years ago, and I still feel sad over it and would have done anything to save her. They steal our hearts, they really do. My sincere condolences....
  13. DelawareRunner

    Has anyone heard their rabbits squeak? Just thought I'd share!

    Precious is my most vocal bunny ever. She "oinks" when she's happy or getting a treat. She also chatters when she cleans herself. She makes all kinds of slurping sounds when she's drinking out of her water bowl too.
  14. DelawareRunner

    Rabbits and fireworks

    We've been away for the entire week surrounding July Fourth every year because it's a total zoo here. This is the first time we'll be home (sadly) due our vacation being cancelled due to the virus. My bunny did hear a couple loud (illegal) fireworks before, but they were in a neighboring...
  15. DelawareRunner

    Rabbits and fireworks

    Hi everyone. I've been commenting on here for awhile, but this is the first time I've posted to ask for advice--or maybe just to vent. I know this is a pleasant group of people who love their bunnies so I feel safe posting this. I live in Delaware, where any fireworks that explode or leave...
  16. DelawareRunner

    What Do You Love About Your Bun?

    I've had Precious for almost three years now. She's a dwarf mix rescue. She is probably one of the smartest bunnies I've encountered (had ten other bunnies total throughout my life) along with one of the sweetest. She LOVES attention. It's just me and my husband so she gets plenty of it...
  17. DelawareRunner

    Quick help please!

    I have a rabbit and two guinea pigs. My bunny is curious about them and they are housed about six feet from each other, but they don't associate with each other. It is better to have pigs in pairs though--mine are brothers I adopted at three weeks of age. I adopted them about two months after...
  18. DelawareRunner

    Do rabbits recognize their owners?

    My bunny definitely recognizes me and tries to get my attention in different ways. She's attached to me more than my husband, but not by much. She does things with him she doesn't do with me though--like he can get her to run to the other side of her x pen for petting, but I usually have to...
  19. DelawareRunner

    How Old Are Your Rabbits?

    Precious is a little over three years old. She was about eight months old when I adopted her. My previous rabbit, Lily, was also a rescue. She was two when I adopted her and lived to be almost twelve years old. She was the oldest rabbit I ever had.
  20. DelawareRunner

    How much time do you need to handle a bunny passing?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your bunny :(. I know, it hurts badly. I'm well into my 40's and my twelve year old bunny, Lily, passed away in August 2017. I loved her so much--she was my baby and I considered her my child given mine had moved out to be on his own years ago. I have lost family...