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  1. Buttercup n Charlie

    Looking for the perfect home for 2 female adorable holland lops

    We would appreciate all the response or leads we can get! I should mention that the donation is going to go towards a rabbit shelter we know here.
  2. Buttercup n Charlie

    Looking for the perfect home for 2 female adorable holland lops

    We are looking for a loving home for two beautiful bonded female Holland lops named Buttercup and Daisy. Buttercup is 2 years old (DOB Aug 5th, 2011) and Daisy is 1.5 years (DOB Mar 8th, 2012). They come with a custom built cage of their own that they are very attached to, which was built with a...
  3. Buttercup n Charlie

    help! broken nail, nerve exposed

    thank you for your posts and concerns everyone! Buttercup is doing much much better :) she rested well for a week following the incident and we made sure she doesn't do anything crazy! Her nail has healed and she is back to her spunky self :D sorry for the delay in replying back. It's been a...
  4. Buttercup n Charlie

    help! broken nail, nerve exposed

    Hi everyone, My darling Buttercup accidentally broke her nail in half and now a good amount of her nerve is exposed. She bled when the accident happened but has not bled since. She won't let us pick her up and is really guarded about her injury. She has been behaving ok though. Is there...
  5. Buttercup n Charlie

    Emergency!! What's wrong with bunny's eye? + pic

    glad to hear she is doing better :)
  6. Buttercup n Charlie


    OMG LOVE the pic where it looks like he's trying to drive :D
  7. Buttercup n Charlie

    3 weeks old today

    I LOVE all your picture updates :D Please keem em coming!!!
  8. Buttercup n Charlie

    Caught A Feral Baby Rabbit!

    If you keep him, try and let him settle in without much disturbance. Give him is hay/pellets and water regularly and don't mess with him much the first few days. Just kind of let him be in his cage so he gets used to it. Then possibly start giving him small chew toys so he can have a little fun...
  9. Buttercup n Charlie


    Dont know what breed they are, but sure are cute :)
  10. Buttercup n Charlie

    Babies, 15 days old already

    OMG they're so adorable!! I just want to carry em around in my pockets :D
  11. Buttercup n Charlie

    Elena The Silly Bunny's blog

    OMG I want your bunny!!!
  12. Buttercup n Charlie

    Advice needed: 6 week old on Timothy Hay

    We gave buttercup timothy/orchard/oat when she was young, but her pellets were alfalfa based. She's doing just fine :) If she takes to the alfalfa hay well (very slowly introducing it), you can give it to her, but if not don't worry, she'll be fine :)
  13. Buttercup n Charlie

    RIP Leo, my moonbunny

    So sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful bun. Binky Free Leo :pray:
  14. Buttercup n Charlie

    Lop Laughter

    Bren, super cute :) She's like a little tiger!!
  15. Buttercup n Charlie

    Holland Lop Babies

    can i have them all!!! :pleaseplease:
  16. Buttercup n Charlie


  17. Buttercup n Charlie


    Hey guys, if we wanted to paint some parts of our bunny condo, what kind of paint should we use? Are all paints harmful to bunnies or are the "kid-safe" type ones ok? And I'm not talking about just the fumes, what if they chew on those areas?
  18. Buttercup n Charlie

    Two baby females bonded, need advice.

    Agewise, 4 months is fine. But at the end of the day its up to the vet's comfort level. If your vet isn't comfortable doing them before 6 months, then that's his/her choice ... but there's no medical reason that I'm aware of to wait any longer than after they hit puberty.
  19. Buttercup n Charlie


    I'm so sorry for your loss. Binky free Butter :pray:
  20. Buttercup n Charlie

    A lot of questions

    1) Usually they tend to "get it" around 9 weeks. You should ideally notice that she has picked a spot for herself in a corner of her cage. Put a litter box in that corner in a couple more weeks and she should start using it. Search the forum for "litter training" to find more info on how to help...