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  1. gentle giants

    Rabbit with matted dirty behind

    I have someone who has come to me for advice on what to do for her daughter's rabbit. She said the rabbit is getting "matted and nasty on her butt area". She didn't give me any info on what sort of diet the rabbit is getting, but she said she "lets the rabbit soak in the tub" to get it clean. I...
  2. gentle giants

    The Christmas Bunny

    This is a movie I had not even heard of before yesterday, it's called The Christmas Bunny. I was looking for a child friendly movie we could watch for our New Year's get together. I thought this looked cute, so we rented it. It was WONDERFUL! The plot was sweet in itself, but they also had tons...
  3. gentle giants

    So who else is having a heat wave right now?

    Ick, I am getting tired of the 98F weather here. The only plus is that with us having a mild drought, the humidity is fairly low right now too. Unfortunately some of my rabbits are outdoors, so I am putting lots of time into keeping them cool. I though it might be cool ( no pun intended!) if we...
  4. gentle giants

    Emergency! 36 rabbits handed over at the Chicago Animal Welfare League!

    As most of you know, I have done rabbit rescue for a few years now. I have worked with a couple of other rescues and taken in overflows when those shelters/rescues needed space. Here is the story of what is going on here, as short as I can make it: A few weeks ago, I got a call from an animal...
  5. gentle giants

    Wry neck in very young bunny!

    I took in a new rescue this afternoon, a very young buck that can't straighten his head up. He is about 8-9 weeks old, the owner couldn't afford medical care for him and was going to euthanize him but gave him to me instead in the hope I might be able to help him out. She said he has been eating...
  6. gentle giants

    Ahh, winter

    So if you watch the news you probably know that there is a huge ice/snow storm going on over here in Illinois. The predictions were for an inch of ice and 12+ of snow on top of that. Well, so far in my neck of the woods we have gotten close to 2" of ice, and some of this sort of white frozen...
  7. gentle giants

    Looking for some (constructive!) critisism

    Ok, so my website is still a work-in-progress, but I was wondering if ya'll would mind checking it out and giving me your opinions of it. I posted it here because it does have a page on my rabbit rescue, but it is mainly my farm/goat milk products site. So if you see any thing that looks...
  8. gentle giants

    Super sweet new rescue girl, just had to share!

    I am still doing my bunny rescue, although I have not been as active as usual the last six months or so due to financial woes, but anyway... I had a guy call me a couple of weeks ago saying he had a bunny needing anew home. He said (and I'm sure this will make you as furious as it did me!) that...
  9. gentle giants

    I need help/advice for a very sad guinea pig

    I have a very sad situation, and I need advice on what to do about it. My twin children got their first pets (of their own, that is) for their birthday last summer, a pair of female guinea pigs. These gps were basically rescues, a guy brought them to a small animal auction to sell, and I...
  10. gentle giants

    URGENT in Chicago! Six rabbits in danger of euthanasia within days!

    I was just contacted by a lady named Hannah Arbizzani. She told me there are six rabbits in the Chicago Animal Care Control shelter that are in urgent need of rescue, they likely have less than a week before euthanasia. She does a lot of shelter networking in Illinois, and she said they don't...
  11. gentle giants

    A question for Michigan members

    I have a lady in Sterling Heights, MI that is looking for a good bunny vet to spay her doe. She mentioned Animal Clinic of Sterling Heights that is about a mile from her home. I didn't see it on our rabbit-savvy vet list in the library, so I thought I would ask if anyone knows anything about...
  12. gentle giants

    Need some advice fast-SUPER gassy bunny going downhill!

    A friend of mine has two pet rabbits, and the buck, Snickers, is ill. Since my friend is working twelve hour days right now, Snickers is at my house for nursing care while she is at work. Here is what has been going on: He is a neutered Holland lop, a few days ago his appetite went a little off...
  13. gentle giants

    A very tiny DBF!

    I posted details about this in my blog, but for those of you who haven't seen it, I had a rescue doe come in pregnant. She turned out not to be the greatest mommy ever, so I am taking them to her to nurse and taking care of them myself the rest of the time. This morning, I walked into my bedroom...
  14. gentle giants

    Sweetheart has injured her back! (RIP)

    Sweetheart is a (still) unspayed Mini Rex doe of around six years old. Her age is a guess, her former owner told me she was about a year to a year and a half when I got her. Sweetheart lives in a group of bunny friends, Daisy, Buzz and Delilah. Yesterday all was fine, everybody hopping around...
  15. gentle giants

    Extra Nic panels I don't need...

    Anyone want some extra NIC panels? I have 14, plus connectors if you want them. Anyone who wants them, all I ask is shipping cost, other than that you can have them free. In the USA only though, sorry. Otherwise the shipping is really expensive and a nuisance. PM me if you are interested.
  16. gentle giants

    Nifty new decals on my car windows!

    I went and got the name of my bunny rescue put on my car windows! I happened to pass by a sign store in town that was advertising a summer sale, and dropped in on a whim. This was the result: What do you guys think, does it look good? ETA: Sorry the pic is so big, I jsut gota new camera...
  17. gentle giants

    Bunny does NOT want to share!

  18. gentle giants

    Surgery complications!!

    I got Cocoa neutered yesterday morning. This morning, I took his sisters in to be done. After I came back from dropping them off, I thought I better check on his sutures again to make sure he hadn't pulled them out or anything. And he has a huge purple-black swelling on one side, and his little...
  19. gentle giants

    So who has experience raising pet pigs?

    I have a new rescue-a piglet! He is about two weeks old now, and is doing well drinking formula out of a bowl. The problem is solid food. He definatly needing something solid, but the feed store won't have any pig food until Tuesday. I read somewhere that you can give pigs horse feed, is that...