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  1. NZminilops

    Introducing rabbits and babies

    My son is coming up to 9 months old and I haven't had a bunneroo for quite some time now. Would love to look into getting one from the SPCA but as Thomas is so young, I'm nervous about him being rough. He terrorises the cat and yanks her fur out as it is. Would it be wise to wait until I can...
  2. NZminilops

    Pics of my cousin born just after Christmas

    I FINALLY have a cousin, at my ripe old age of 27. His name is Kien. He was born weighing 6 pounds and 18 inches long. He was born on his due date, 29th December last year. I'm madly in love with him and so excited to finally have a cousin! I keep teasing my uncle about how old he is to be...
  3. NZminilops

    Where the wild things are

    I picked up a bunny and his hutch today - buns name is "Raggy", which I am not too keen on. Hand reared and given to the owner from someone who found the bunny as a little week old. 'He' looks more like a 'she' to me, and seems to be a wild European bun, or at least mostly wild. Quite friendly...
  4. NZminilops

    Maybe kinda thinking on having a bunny in my life again

    So, it's been a little over 10 months since I lost Sakura. The old regulars here will know about her, but for those that don't, she was the coolest little nethie and she was my best buddy. When she passed I gave up on rabbits, just lost all interest. I stopped coming here as often, and just...
  5. NZminilops

    Long time no see!

    Just popped in to say hello. I don't know if anyone remembers who I am anyway. I moved house last weekend, now I'm in this funny little 1 bedroom flat. It's so pokey after being in a proper 3 bedroom house...there is a toilet in the bathroom! And the washing machine and drier go in the kitchen...
  6. NZminilops

    I got a new camera, woohoo!

    It's the cheapest DSLR I could find, but I've been saving for quite some time, and finally got around to buying it. It's a canon EOS 1000d, or Rebel XS I think it is in other countries. I think it's like a crappier version of what Amy (undergunfire) has perhaps? It was $1200 with the two lenses...
  7. NZminilops

    New born rabbits - weight by breed comparison

    Hello lovely breeders :D. I'm doing some research (for personal gain of knowledge and possible article I might submit to a magazine) into the size differences between baby rabbits. If anyone has ever weighed their new born baby rabbits, I would much appreciate if you could give me an average...
  8. NZminilops

    Anyone here ever had a baby?

    My mum and I are planning a baby shower for the daughter of a family friend, but as neither of us are the girly type, or like babies all the much, we have no idea what to do! What are you meant to do at a baby shower? Do you all just sit around and eat and chat? I know people are meant to...
  9. NZminilops

    Colour genetics, fur and eye

    What makes dark eyes on one bun, and light eyes on another? Sakura was a blue fox (blue silver marten) nethie. Ceara is a black fox (black silver marten) nethie. So...not that much different going on in the genetics department. This is what I know about them from their pedigree...
  10. NZminilops

    A day in the life of Michelle & Pets

    Hello :wave:, I've decided to make a fresh start with blogs, as many people do when a new year begins. I left it a bit late, but I was never one to do things when they were meant to be done. My precious Sakura passed away this month. I'm not ignoring her here, by not discussing it, but there...
  11. NZminilops


    Sakura passed away yesterday, the 13th here, and not wanting to upset people I know who were having bad days I kept it to myself because I didn't wish to have them have to waste time thinking about how I was feeling or anything. To Tracy: no excuse for lashing out at you and though you may not...
  12. NZminilops

    Sakura is lethargic and off her food

    Sakura isn't eating her pellets nor treats. She's a fussy rabbit at the best of times and doesn't have much she likes to eat anyway. I'm very worried about her and just wanting some ideas on what could be wrong with her. She isn't eating and is less active. Drinking water normally. Isn't hunched...
  13. NZminilops

    People in relationships, now or in the past

    I am curious about this, after a long conversation I had with Mathew last night. He says I'm very much a "this is MINE! That ones YOURS" person, and he hates that about me :?. I don't know if it's a bad way to be or not, but I am. If I've bought something, I think of it as mine, something to...
  14. NZminilops

    My ratty boys

    Patch and Pirate are growing :), funny to think that a few weeks ago they were the size of mice! I was cleaning out their cage and they were goofing around. I normally have a pillowcase over the stick in the pics to make a little tent for them, but much to my surprise they loved the stick and...
  15. NZminilops

    Where "is" Haley?

    Just wondering if anyone knows where the member Haley is? I miss her posts.
  16. NZminilops

    Help me name my rats

    Not everyone looks at blogs, so I wanted to show my rats off in here :). They need names though so any ideas would be great ;). Rat brother 1: Rat brother 2 (only has one eye): We are already calling them "the one eyed rat" and "the other one" so they need names ASAP!
  17. NZminilops

    Show us ya desk!

    I LOVE the desk showing threads in other forums, and wasn't sure if we had one here or not, so I'm starting one. Show everyone when it looks like where you sit when you're on RO :biggrin2:. Of course I will go first. This is our dining table, which is so old and ratty that it's not ever...
  18. NZminilops

    Ya know Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

    This is gonna sound strange, but do people from the USA and Canada replace 'porridge' in the story with 'oatmeal'? I've been thinking on it and I'm so curious!
  19. NZminilops

    Cutest baby bunnies ever

    I thought I had lost these pictures! I had the pleasure of meeting these little cuties several times early this year, they are all huge and grown up now. But I just had to share some of the cute pictures I got of them when they were 2 weeks old. I know a few local breeders and get to see lots...
  20. NZminilops

    Help! What should I get my mum for her birthday?

    I love buying presents for people and normally I can pick out something good, but my mum is SO HARD to buy stuff for. She's going to be turning 44. She's very...er, how do I put it...well she drives a loud lowered turbo car, she's very slim and attractive, she dresses young and stylish, she's...