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  1. anoopnain

    Trying to Bond With New Bun

    He is very cute. Try to spend some time with him regularly. But do not try to do anything just sit near him. Spend time with him and eventually, he will start licking your hand or start interacting with you. I hope you know what I mean :)
  2. anoopnain

    How to free roam?

    @Robbierabbit You can use playpens for that. There are lots of playpens which help your rabbit because you can provide a lot of space to your bunny. Also, it will help you too as a bunny can chew everything 🤣🤣🤣 . Here is the list of playpens. If you find these too small then you can buy 2-3or...
  3. anoopnain

    Thinking of getting another rabbit..

    it will take some times to get comfortable with the other two
  4. anoopnain

    What is my bun?

    omg so cute...
  5. anoopnain

    New bunny won’t come out. RIP

    Yes, usually bunnies takes some time...
  6. anoopnain

    Parents moving with a divorce :(

    This is very complicated. I'm so sorry :(
  7. anoopnain

    Outside Bunny Essentials

    For outdoor check it out:- Outdoor Rabbit Hutch – Best Choices For 2020 - I'm sure you will love it.
  8. anoopnain

    Hides house recommendations please

    Go and check this site:- Indoor Rabbit Hutch – Top Choices For 2020 - I'm using the Pawhut one.. If you buying for two then I think you need order two or you can attach it to an x pen. I hope it helps you :)
  9. anoopnain

    Lost my baby boy

    Sorry for your loss...
  10. anoopnain

    Best place to get hay?

    I just go to this site and click on the links Best Hay For Rabbits – Top Choices For 2020 - they mentioned and buy it from Amazon according to my choice. I know it would look so lazy. But I'm using it for a while now and become a habit. lol
  11. anoopnain

    Hair Trim

    If you don’t have a grooming glove - get one!! Makes it so easy and pleasant
  12. anoopnain

    Nail trimming

    I don't know much about this product but nowadays lots of pet lovers using "Nail-Grinder". Again I never tried this one so plz check everywhere before buying it. But I heard a lot of good reviews.
  13. anoopnain

    RHDV 2 Symptoms

    I Googled it a lot but didn't find anything useful. Is there any expert here who can share the symptoms and other things to take care of?
  14. anoopnain

    I just want to thank everyone

    Yes, same for me. You can learn new things every day here.
  15. anoopnain

    Should I get bun a harness?

    You can check this article:- Best Rabbit Harness – Top Choices For 2020 - This is the list of top rabbit harness. But you are from the UK? So I'm not 100% sure that this list is for the UK. Anyway check I hope it help you...
  16. anoopnain

    My 40days kid rabbit head tilt death

    So sorry for your loss. Please check the article above it will help you.
  17. anoopnain

    Rabbit suddenly passed away

    Sorry for the loss..
  18. anoopnain


    Size is the most important factor. You have to make sure that the rabbit hutch is big enough. Width:- It should be more than the total stretch of your rabbit. Length:- It should be more than the distance your rabbit covers in 3 hops. Height:- It should be taller enough for your rabbit to...
  19. anoopnain

    A lionhead brushing help

    Slow and steady wins the race. Make him familiar with the whole process. For few times only brush one part and when he feels comfortable and trusts you with the brush then you can brush his hair. I hope this works for you.