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  1. Watermelons

    RHD in North America - PNW

    Along with the many confirmed cases in British Columbia, numerous cases have been confirmed in Washington state as well. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157399881885991&id=96812755990 Please remember this disease does spread and will likely end up in many other states/provinces...
  2. Watermelons

    Need votes for a facebook contest!

    Hey all, Happy Halloween. The Birds and I entered a costume contest last night at the local pet store. Anyone with facebook we could use your support to ear some votes. All you have to do is like their photos. Just the 2 seperate cockatoo photos [emoji6] we have to stay ahead of all the dogs...
  3. Watermelons

    Merry Christmas from Rabbits Online

    Merry Christmas everyone, from all of us here at Rabbits Online
  4. Watermelons

    I need some doggie lovers facebook votes!

    Just looking for some help from those who have facebook and wouldn't mind sharing a Like for me ;) I don't think I've ever entered a bunny contest, just usually dog stuff since its so much more expensive haha...
  5. Watermelons

    Denying your rabbit veterinary care is Animal Cruelty

    Part of owning or caring for an animal, any animal, is being responsible for every aspect of its care. Regardless of how big or small, expensive or cheap the animal was when you got it, or what you intend to use it for, they all deserve the best care available. Owning an animal can get...
  6. Watermelons

    ~*~ Merry Christmas Rabbits Online ~*~

    Merry Christmas from Lily and Loki (And Kiwi too!)
  7. Watermelons

    How to tell if a "wild" rabbit really thinks its wild.

    Apart from it not running away lol Yeah this is just a cute story. I got a bit bored at work today and decided to wash my car. As im spraying it down out of the corner of my eye i see movement. I turn and look and this big brown bunny comes hopping right for me.... While ive got the hose on...
  8. Watermelons

    Parking lot rabbit

    Never thought id end up with another one..... Jeeze. Me and my boyfriend were leaving a store and i see this little white and brown thing beside a mini van in the gravel parkinglot. I totally need glasses so i cant believe i saw this thing. I couldnt quite make it out "is that a tiny little...
  9. Watermelons

    - Anyone own a 2013/2014 Chevrolet Trax or Subaru Crosstrek?

    Sooooo I've come to the sad realisation that I can no longer afford to pay $300-$400 a month just in gas for my beloved pickup truck :( And it would be cheaper for me to purchase a brand new, or almost brand new compact SUV and finance it, and be safe with a warranty, then continue to burn my...
  10. Watermelons

    ** Holiday Card Swap 2013 **

    Who doesn't love getting cards in the mail? Especially cute holiday cards that have a high chance of featuring bunnies? This is the 3rd year running, so lets keep the tradition going! Many other forums have Holiday Card Swaps and I thought it would be a fun, easy way to spread holiday cheer...
  11. Watermelons

    What are your current goals as somebody who breeds and/or shows rabbits?

    DISCUSSION TOPIC PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN AND FRIENDLY RESPECTFUL DEBATE :dutch So we all have different goals in life, and here, we're obviously a little more focused on our rabbits. So lets spend some time talking about what we want in the rabbit world. Why do we all do what we do? Some...
  12. Watermelons

    Why should I care about my rabbits genetic history or conformation when breeding?

    DISCUSSION TOPIC PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN AND FRIENDLY RESPECTFUL DEBATE :dutch Okay breeders. I want you to help educate. I want to hear what you have to say. I would love to be able to include answers I get on here in future projects for the Rabbitry :) I do not breed rabbits. This...
  13. Watermelons

    How to get a better critique - Including "Guess the Breed" evaluations.

    How to get a better critique Whether you’re looking to find out the breed of your rabbit, or how it might fare at the local show, it is important you get proper photos before you ask these questions. Please also include an age and a current accurate weight with your photos. Posting...
  14. Watermelons

    * Inexpensive NIC/Wire Cube panels for Canadians *

    Who would have thought you can get NIC at a dollar store... Any way! Canadians! Dollarama... http://www.dollarama.com/store-locator/ Sells storage cubes! They are not at all of them mind you. I went to 3 this weekend and only 2 carried them. Their not the standard 14x14, these ones are 12x12"...
  15. Watermelons

    15% off at Petsmart, Dec 6-9th

    http://pets.petsmart.com/promotions/friends-and-family/?utm_source=friends-and-family&utm_medium=directurl US OR CANADA! Bottom left of the red section, make sure you click the blue button that says print coupon, otherwise you dont get anything. Get your other coupons ready and milk the system!
  16. Watermelons

    ~+~ Help me win a fishy photo contest? ~+~

    Hey guys! Hoping to round some of you guys up to sneak a few extra votes in for me! It would be very much appreciated. It is a little more time consuming then just clicking vote but I'm so close, anything would be appreciated! I know its not bunny related but pretty please :halo Its a marine...
  17. Watermelons

    Alright.... Who snuck in and cut my bunny's hair?

    Who needs their safety scissors taken away.... :disgust: Poor Lily... always looks like shes stuck her face in a blender *sigh* At least Loki usually looks handsome.:rollseyes
  18. Watermelons

    It's Christmas and if all else fails... BUY YOUR OWN BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

    So for years I've dreaded the coming of christmas only because it's also my birthday, and I have to spend my 1 day a year with people who either dont have a clue why society celebrates christmas or family I just dont like. However the good food is usually worth it.... So today I decided to...
  19. Watermelons

    Anyone shop at Petsmart? 15% off entire purchase

    15% off entire purchase up to $500 Dec 8-11th http://promotions.petsmart.com/landing/friends-and-family/?utm_source=friends-and-family&utm_medium=directurl And this coupon CAN be used with product coupons... So long as they can still scan the coupon (i use it with others anyway...) Just make...
  20. Watermelons

    + Giving digestive support for animals on Abx or with other digestive issues +

    This is designed to be a discussion and education topic. I dont want any arguments about what brand is best or why spend the money. Lets keep it clean and Civil. Whenever an animal is sent home on antibiotics, we need to remember antibiotics (abx) are designed to help kill bacteria. That means...