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  1. Hazel-Mom

    What is Harvey?

    Can anyone tell me what breed Harvey can be? We were told he was maybe 5 to 6 months when we adopted him (about a week ago). He was just neutered the day before we got him. Last Saturday he had his first check-up with our vet. He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. We thought at first he might be a fawn-colored...
  2. Hazel-Mom

    What size carrier for a flemish giant?

    Hi all, we are looking into adopting a flemish giant from the local rescue. So I was wondering, those of you who have giants, what size carrier do you use to take them on car rides? He'll be mainly free running in the house, and have a room to be in at night and when we're not home, so I'm not...
  3. Hazel-Mom

    Hazel, Jan. 2003-July 17 2011

    Hazel passed away last night. She died in my arms, surrounded by her family, loved till the end. She had been growing weaker the last few weeks, we kept her going with SC fluids, meds, hand-feeding, and lots of Love. She was surrounded with love, and even got to hear the voices of her Big...
  4. Hazel-Mom

    Hazel is 7 today!

    It's Hazel's 7th birthday today (we guess), so I thought I'd post some pictures of her to celebrate :). She was rescued from the side of the road as a tiny baby, about 3 weeks old. There were 4 other siblings with her, but because of her broken leg, she was the only one captured. The others ran...
  5. Hazel-Mom

    Hazel's turn for stasis

    Well, looks like Hazel has stasis too, like Storm and some of the others. It sure seems to be the season for it. This is only her first time ever, she's had slow-down 2 times before, but she pulled out of those in less than a day. Now it's been more than that, so.... she'll be off to the vet...
  6. Hazel-Mom

    RIP - White Chocolate is sick

    I'm taking White Chocolate to the vet this afternoon. She's been "off" for the last 2 days, still drinking, but not eating. It's as if she wants to eat, but then can't, or something... she just ends up sitting with her head in her greens bowl, poor girl. We did manage to syringe her some crushed...
  7. Hazel-Mom

    Blue Seal Pellets

    Hi all, I started working on a spread sheed / data file on the contents of several rabbit food pellets, as Randy suggested in another thread. I am collecting data on ingredients and nutritional analysis of various pellets RO members have mentioned in posts here. I can't seem to find much info on...