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  1. Morgan Madoka

    Quick help please!

    So I am getting a guinea pig today I think! Can my free roam bun be in the same room since he will be in a cage? I know it's a goofy question but I want to make sure I'm doing it right! Thank you ♥️♥️♥️🐰
  2. Morgan Madoka

    Let's just take a moment...

    Let's all just take a moment to deeply appreciate our bunnies. Through all of the hard times going on, we have our beautiful fur children to keep us feel safe and happy, my bunny saved my life and I just want to show him off to the world 🥰♥️🐰
  3. Morgan Madoka

    Show me your buns ...

    Lol! Not literally but show me pictures of your bunnies being cute and or funny ! Tell me a little about them and their names! During such an uncertain time, I think we all need some laughs and smiles! So here is my bun! this is Haru! He just turned one April 2nd:) he really loves to eat, lick...
  4. Morgan Madoka

    Share your bunny quarantine stories(:

    Hello, Haru and I missed this forum and wanted to say hi and see what everyone is doing with their buns in this quarantine ? (: It is a very sad time but I am so glad we have our buns to spend this time with. Anyone doing anything fun? Haru had his first birthday and we had a nice party! We...
  5. Morgan Madoka

    Cecotrope catastrophy please help, and meet my new bun (:ny

    I have posting a lot on here because I recently rescued a 7 week old bun. She is healthy and happy but she seems to keep getting her cecotropes stuck all under her, stomach and butt. What can I do? They get smushed into her fur :confused: :(o_O any advice on how to clean up a 7 week old bun...
  6. Morgan Madoka

    Toys for buns

    So I don't know if this is a silly question but I want to be safe! I have lots of toys for my male bun who is a year and a half old, but I want to know if my 7 week old bun can only have certain toys? I have lots of chewing sticks, baby keys, paper towel rolls, plushies, and so on. What is...
  7. Morgan Madoka

    Bonding help please!

    So we ended up rescuing a bunny, they believed she is about like 7 weeks old :/ well anyways, I have a 1 year old male who IS fixed and obviously she is not. I have her in her own pen and he is free roam. Can anyone please share tips/ advice to what I should do? He seemed not too happy at first...
  8. Morgan Madoka

    Ear mites?

    Sooo, my bun may possibly have ear mites from my father's cat. That cat transferred it to my cat and my cat gave it to my bun :confused: he has been scratching his ears a lot. I just can tell it's bothering him. I looked online and so many sites say there is a natural treatment using veggie oil...
  9. Morgan Madoka

    Bunny snow day?

    Hello! So this is the first winter with my bun and I wanted to know if he could play in the snow? He is harness trained and such but I wasn't sure if it would be okay for a short amount of time or should I just bring some in from outside and put it in the bathtub? I just want him to have some...
  10. Morgan Madoka

    Need to rehome female bun :(

    This has been really tough on me. We had some personal things happen to where we have to rehome our female rabbit :( my male rabbit is bonded with her and I don't know how to make sure he's happy when she is rehomed :( any advice? I posted on the rehome forum but if anyone on here is in...
  11. Morgan Madoka

    Bunny needs home asap :( Wisconsin

    We are under some very unfortunate circumstances and need to rehome one of our rabbits. She is around 1, purebred lionhead and is absolutely adorable. She will need to be fixed but she is litter trained. Please let me know if you can give her her perfect forever home :(
  12. Morgan Madoka

    Rabbits bonded themselves

    So I'm kind of in a pickle here lol any advice and guidance would be great! Sooooo, I got a female bun for my male bun who is fixed, she is not yet, she will be in a month. So I had a gate to separate them, well she decided to jump over ( I made it really tall and she is a peanut) so I didn't...
  13. Morgan Madoka

    Neutered male possibly spraying?

    Hello everyone! I am completely new here! I just have a situation I am kind of stumped about. So here it goes! I have a neutered male bun, he is 1 and has never sprayed since being nuetered back in June and he is amazing with his litter box. Well a few weeks ago I decided to get...