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  1. J

    Breeding for magpies and harlequins

    You'll have to understand genetics to answer your questions. Here's a good article on breeding tricolor lops (which is a broken harlequin) https://gardenshedbunnies.weebly.com/breeding-tricolors.html Magpie's are just harlequins that carry the the chinchilla gene in the C locus. Here's another...
  2. J

    Can I breed chinchilla/squirrel Holland lop to an orange/cream one

    Orange is black based (B_D_), so there is a chance of getting black lops whn combined with a squirrel (which is just a blue chinchilla). Most likely will get opals though. Really depends on what they're carrying recessively though. You can play with the odds with this genetic calculator...
  3. J

    Breeders: How do you give your rabbits exercise?

    After posting about your buck with pants on, how could you not post a pic!? :p
  4. J

    Breeders: How do you give your rabbits exercise?

    Lucky you! My rabbits are not as crazy for pellets as most other buns are. They are spoiled with all the wheatgrass and edible plants in my garden and would rather hang out in the veggie garden than return to their hutch for pellets! And I know what you mean about the Houdinis being a PITA! I...
  5. J

    Breeders: How do you give your rabbits exercise?

    Or is the answer that they don't get exercise? I used to let my does out together to run around in a ~600 sq feet area that I had dedicated in my yard for my rabbitry for a few hours, and then let my bucks out together afterwards. But as my herd has grown, I'm getting certain does not getting...
  6. J

    Rabbit pellets

    I use Manna Pro Sho because it's available to me through Tractor Supply. I always check the date on the bag though and will pass if it's more than 3 months old.
  7. J

    Introducing a baby bunny to an older bunny.

    I don't like bonding my unfixed bucks with does - even when the doe is fixed. It's just constant chasing, humping and spraying on the doe that I think is not fair to the doe. Just realized this is a really old thread.
  8. J

    Offspring of BEW Doe - Guaranteed VC/VM?

    Since BEWs are VV, that would mean 100% of their offspring would be vienna carriers or marked, correct? And breeders should be making a note of this when they sell the kits? It would be frustrating for me to buy a rabbit from a breeder, get the pedigree and see that one of the parents was a...
  9. J

    What are pedigrees needed for (besides breeding)?

    Just want to throw my 2 cents in. A pedigree for me is important from a pure academic perspective. I like to know the history of my pets, even if I do not intend on breeding them - just so I know what I have. For example, I bought what I thought was a blue tort lionhead from a breeder...
  10. J

    New to pregnancy

    Congrats! They're adorable! I love them at that stage when they start exploring outside the nest box!
  11. J

    Outdoor Cages... post your photo

    My outdoor setup. I'm building aviary panels around the playhouse and castle setup so the bunnies can roam there unattended. There's also a 18'x4' run on the left side of the hutch that I'm temporarily using wire cubes to enclose. They are only allowed on this run when I'm watching them...
  12. J

    Okay to move mom and nest box to a different hutch after 2.5 weeks?

    Thanks for the suggestions! I did just that - surround the area with cardboard. They've been chewing it up pretty good, so we'll see how long it lasts! They're no longer returning into the nest box to rest. I'm not sure how she's still nursing them (don't know that she is anymore? They're...
  13. J

    Bunny loves to knock food bowl over!

    Yes! She is nursing right now. Not a particular large litter (4), but I want to make sure she is taken care of. She's a lionhead, so I've been giving her half a dozen BOSS and Calf Manna regularly to keep her coat nice and shiny. Vet says her weight is fine. But I know what you mean about...
  14. J

    Bunny loves to knock food bowl over!

    I have one doe that will lift her food bowl and smack it against her pen over and over again to wake me up in the morning if I sleep in and forget to give her a morning snack (she gets a tablespoon of BOSS and Calf Manna every morning).
  15. J

    Okay to move mom and nest box to a different hutch after 2.5 weeks?

    Thank you for the replies! Good to know I can move them without fear of the doe abandoning them. I did try to wrap the exterior perimeter of the pen, but it was just too much square footage, and I didn't have the proper materials on hand to completely cover it. I ended up just rigging up the...
  16. J

    Okay to move mom and nest box to a different hutch after 2.5 weeks?

    My lionhead had her first litter of 4 kits 2 weeks and 3 days ago and she has been a stellar mommy - made a textbook nest in her nestbox and nurses her kits regularly. All of the babies are healthy and growing rapidly. The problem I have is that my setup isn't exactly ideal for active babies...
  17. J

    How long did it take for your bunny spay/neuter appointment?

    I had to wait 2 weeks for my initial check-up visit, and then another month after that for the actual operation.
  18. J

    Fodder (Barley Grass) instead of Hay?

    Thank you Preitler for such a thorough response! I really do like your pragmatic way of thinking! I am an engineer, and by nature, like to research the heck out of things before diving into a hobby. I am a little bewildered with what seemingly seems to be the common belief that if my rabbits...
  19. J

    Fodder (Barley Grass) instead of Hay?

    I have 3 lionhead rabbits (all 5 months old) that I have been feeding a large 9"x12" tray of fodder every day with. I supplement this with 3/4 cup of Manna Pro Sho pellets that they share, and unlimited amounts of meadow hay. They are raised colony style, so I do not keep track of how much...
  20. J

    Carefresh - how long does a 60lt bag last

    I have 3 buns and 2 litter boxes that I replace pine pellets on every other day. With this frequency, I go through a 40 lb bag in about 2 weeks! I get the bags at a local feed store for $7/bag, so the cost isn't prohibitive, but a pain to have to go and buy bags so frequently (I buy 2 bags at...