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  1. J

    west nile

    does anyone know if west nile disease affects rabbits? within the last two weeks i have lost two perfectly healthy rabbits for no apparent reason. we have recently moved from the city to the country where mosquitoes are HORRIBLE, and although i have my bunnys in the garage, there are still...
  2. J

    Jasper and Willow

    I haven't been on the forum much this summer, its been a very busy one. Lots of traveling and enjoying the season. However, in the last two and a half weeks i have lost two of my precious furbabies. First Jasper and two weeks later Willow. I have no idea what happened to them but i suspect...
  3. J

    Bleeding nail

    I was trimming Willows nails and she squirmed right as I was cutting. Now her nail is bleeding and I can't get it to stop. I tried applying pressure and corn starch but it's still bleeding!! HELP!!!!
  4. J

    New housing for Jasper

    Ok, so I procured new bigger housing for Jasper and now I am having trouble with her going in it. I put her food bowls in there and a litterbox(which I might add is a new experience for her), and put Her in there but she keep hopping out. I put food in her bowl and greens and hay in the...
  5. J

    Bonding a trio

    Ok so here's my dilemma.... I have just been given a rabbit from it's owner who have relinquished her due to no time and no money for their pet rabbit. She's a very sweet girl but she is not litter trained, which is omen of my problems. Her prior owners kept her locked in a cage all the time...
  6. J

    Bald spot

    I noticed yesterday that Willow had a bald spot on her neck behind her head. The skin is pink and I don't see anything there like scabs or bugs or anything....? She is molting right now but I don't think that is it. I have been taking her and Walter outside but like I said I don't notice...
  7. J

    Scratching and digging

    Every time I get on the floor my girl Willow will come over and start digging and scratching at my legs. I am not sure if it's an attention getting thing because I'm right there or if she is trying to tell me to beat it! She also does it the minute I pay any attention to Walter. I figure then...
  8. J

    cutest website

    i found the cutest rabbit website and thought maybe somebody else might enjoy and get a kick out of some of the items....http://shop.cafepress.com/rabbits?page=8
  9. J

    new and improved

    i just finished my weekend project and i think its a success! Willow and Walter seen to love their new expanded home!:highfive:
  10. J


    several times now i have caught Willow stealing cat kibbles from my cats dish! She seems to like them too, i think she thinks she's a cat! is cat food harmful to rabbits? i know its meat based and rabbits are NOT meat eaters. will it make her sick?
  11. J

    nail trimming

    Yikes!!!! i was just trimming Walter's nails and i got it too short and now its bleeding!! I don't have one of those stipic (?) pencils to stop it, did i read someplace you could use flour? and if so how do you do it??? HELP!!!!
  12. J


    my bunbun seems to be molting. his hair is just EVERYWHERE! how long does this process take? do they do this at certain times of the year? and he is looking quite shabby because of it? i have tried brushing him but it is a never ending process and the hair just keeps coming! i have "hair"...
  13. J


    Wondering if my Willow is a blue or a lilac?:dunno
  14. J


    wondering if anyone can tell me what breed of lop my friend Walter is?
  15. J

    dominence behavior

    i have a male and female rabbit. Walter has been neutered but Willow has not. Willow is a 5 month old standard rex and Walter is some type of mini/dwarf lop. Just recently i have begun to let them out of their cages at the same time. Prior to this they were let out separately or kept apart...
  16. J

    post neuter behavior

    this past friday, Walter, my dwarf/mini lop (not sure which) was neutered. He's apprx a year and a half old and he was a rescue of sorts..... anyway today while i was sitting on the floor with him he kept trying to hump my leg. Not just one time but numerous times. I had to firmly pull...
  17. J

    small poops

    i have a new dwarf/mimi lop that was a rescue by me and i notice that his poops are small. He is appx 1 1/2 years old and i notice he does not eat much hay (currently orchard grass) or is not especially fond of fresh greens either. i don't think his previous owners fed him anything fresh and...
  18. J

    male & female bunnies

    so....my neighbor just gave me a bunny last nite because somebody gave it to them and they found they couldn't keep it because one of their children has asthma. i currently have a new bunny that i just got like a week ago and she is only like 10 weeks old or so. They told me this "new" bunny...
  19. J


    how old does a baby bunny have to be before you can tell what sex it is? or can you tell right away. my understanding is they have to be a certain age before you can actually tell. and what is the earliest age they can be safely neutered/spayed?:anyone:
  20. J

    new bunny

    i am sooo excited! This weekend i will be bringing a new baby home. I can hardly stand it! I have been reading about everyone else's bunnies and looking at their pictures and feeling a little left out because my precious little bun bun Lily had just passed away just when i found this forum...