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    Over the cleaning!

    Just one of those days, im super stressed... my disabled rabbit keeps peeing everywhere! there's no stopping it. I'm over the constant cleaning after her, I feel horrible but I've tried everything! her trays are cut low and easy accessible, there are multiple trays she uses sometimes, she just...
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    What grass is this?

    I sometimes pluck out grass for my rabbits to eat, but noticed these little fluffy sprouts coming out now during spring. any idea what kind of grass this is?
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    Can rabbit urine grow mushrooms??

    Living in a sharehouse SUX! We have a section where my housemate grows plants and I've sectioned it off as the boy keeps eating the aloe, noticed today one of the aloe pot plants has mushrooms growing in it, I don't think my rabbit would have jumped on there and peed on it, he's pretty good...
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    Why the thumps?

    I've only let my buns in my room twice before months ago but stopped coz they go crazy in here. It seems everytime they know they are doing something naughty in my room e.g. girl thumping once she gets under my bed (when I used to let them in here); boy when he sneaks in my room if I've left...
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    Carefresh - how long does a 60lt bag last

    I am deciding between using Carefresh/pine pellets or puppy pads for my buns litter tray in hopes to stop her peeing everywhere while also being cost effective. Pine pellets are $14/bag that lasts 4 months - Carefresh $55 for 60L (unsure how long it will last to make it worthwhile) Pros: odor...
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    Petsafe wipes - Curash Water wipes - 99% water

    Are these safe for my buns? Curash Water Wipes 3x80pk | Woolworths Water, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol My girl is disabled and it would be great if I can use these to spot clean her feet and bum instead of giving her bum baths every now and then.
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    Litter box retraining after being bonded.

    My girl is peeing everywhere still, she's been bonded with the boy for 4 weeks now and is still peeing everywhere! It's getting so frustrating constantly cleaning and doing washing... I have decided to retrain her and pen her in a limited space, question is, do I need to keep the boy in there...
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    Australian Woodstove pellets

    Hi, most information on bunny stuff is from America, I am trying to buy woodstove pellets with no accelerants? but in Australia, they're not very descriptive, under specification it just lists colour lol? I am currently using pine pellets $14 for 15kg - but the supplier is very far away and I...
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    Do I still need bonding sessions with buns who live together? GIRL PEEING EVERYWHERE

    They been living together the past 3 days in their own room, they're not the best of friends but there are no fights, no aggression. Plenty of grooming. He still occasionally chases her (I assume he is chasing, not sure, coz she just runs from him when he's near) soon after he will stop and eat...
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    What in gods name is that smell?

    I just adopted a boy (his been desexed for 1.5weeks now) and he has such strong odor, I'm not that experienced with bunnies but what the heck is that? When I adopted my girl (who also was only 1 week spayed) she did not smell like that, when I opened their door after a nap, pwoah.. I was blown...
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    Bonding 2 non-agressive buns

    I took home a boy from the rescue centre today, the one I had planned taking home kept humping my girl and so the rescue didn't think they were a good fit. Got another boy in and he was just being indifferent (which is a good sign) but my girl was still traumatised from the other boy who kept...
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    Anyone looking to rehome a boy? - Melb/Australia

    Because of Covid, many shelters aren't taking in as many animals as they used to, ESPECIALLY rabbits. I wonder if people are just letting them loose now? My poor girl is still alone and I've been keeping an eye out for boys everywhere (newspapers, shelters, gumtree) If anyone is looking to...
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    Safe Bunny shampoo in Australia

    I know it's not recommended to wash bunnies but my bun has a disability (weak legs) making it difficult for her to clean herself, I try to to it as little as possible (once every 4-6 weeks either a wet or dry bath) the corn starch or water really brings out the urine smell while I am cleaning...
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    New pee habits

    My rab started peeing on towels! It's so frustrating the amount of laundry I am doing and she used to not do this before. I noticed she would pee when she is happily digging at her towels, I feel bad having to take this activity away from her as she loves it but then she will be rolling in her...
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    Bun doesn't recognise Bonded Bun after haircut

    Male bun had to get groomed for winter and had body hair shaved, he is about half the size now (bonded pair was same size) Female doesn't recognise him anymore and bit him pretty badly and started fighting. Any have experience with this? Asking for a friend
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    Boredom Digging or having fun?

    I bring my bun in my room a couple of hours a day while I am watching youtube (I'm on the bed and she's on the floor) as I share a house and don't really want to hang out in the common areas, my bun always goes on a digging rampage when she's in here and I don't know if it's coz she's bored or...
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    Urine stain prevention and smell😷

    Her back legs are bad again today (just 1 dead leg), I am finding I had to give her a bum bath every 1.5ish weeks since I had her, her butt gets all yellow from urine stains and the occasional grape poop she sits on before eating it. Yesterday was a bad one when she peed on my bed and sat in it...
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    Legs gone worst

    Hi everyone :( My bun has been on EC meds for a week now and today her legs seem to have gotten worse, it's the worst I've seen it. Could it be because of the EC meds or that it's colder today? its only 1-3 degrees colder than yesterday at 8-17°C/46-62.6°F but raining all day which makes it...
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    RABBIT NOT EATING - still nibbling

    I woke up late today 12pm, and let her roam for abit, lured her out with fresh grass after an hour to put her back in her pen.. she ate it fine (this is about 5 hrs ago). I left fresh grass on top of her hay back in her pen and when I came back to check on her a few hours later noticed she...
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    Bun won't submit to me >:(

    Hi All, I've read a few posts about rabbit dominant behaviour if the buns let you/buns hold their head down to show they are being submissive. My housemate was just petting her normally before and I noticed she had her head down in a submissive way. I tried to pet her later and hold her head...