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    My bunny died today

    Hello ! I have 5 rabbits well now 4 , one of them died today. It was such a tragic and sad moment. I cried so much but i want to know what happened so that i can prevent it with my other rabbits. She was almost 6 months old and she was spayed along with 3 others on wednesday. On wednesday she...
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    How to litter train rabbits ?

    Hi ! I have 5 rabbits at home , i know that's a lot of rabbits we started with just 2 and ended up with 5. The 2 parents are now 11 months and the 3 babies are now almost 4 months. The babies won't stop pooping and peeing everywhere , in the morning when i wake up it's such a mess. There are...
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    What breed are my rabbits ?

    I always wondered which breed are my rabbits and the fact that they are mix rabbits makes it difficult to determine their exact breed. They are cookie and oreo and they had 7 babies but we kept only 3 : snowball , mochi and mocha. Here are photos of them : The first one is oreo she is the mom...
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    Do cats and bunnies get along ? Can rabbit stay alone ?

    Hi ! My rabbit gave birth some time ago and got 7 babies. We already gave 4 to people which will take good care of them and we are keeping 2 which means that there's still 1 left. The assistant of the vet where i go told me that she wanted that rabbit. I know that the bunny will get good heath...
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    Something wrong with my rabbit. Pls help ! Urgent need !

    Hi ! My 8 months old rabbit is having strange behaviors. He's eating much less and pooping less also. I tried to fed him so many varieties of food but the only thing he ate was a small piece of cabbage and a bit of hay. Yesterday his poops were so small compared to my other female rabbit and...
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    Baby rabbit not opening eyes ! Eye infection ?

    Hello ! My 6 months old rabbit gave birth to 7 little babies. They are all doing fine and today they are 10 days old. 5 of them have both their eyes opened but two of them doesn't. I check those two and one seems pretty fine , it's just a matter of time , i read they can open their eyes at 10 ...
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    Why is my rabbit eating so much ?

    Hi ! I have a 6 months old female rabbit mix dwarf and lionhead , she gave birth 6 days ago to 7 kits. She is eating a lot recently like she can't stop eating. Everytime i see her she'll either be eating or laying down. I just wanted to know if this was normal because she has to feed her babies...
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    Building another nest while already giving birth

    Hi ! My 6 months old bunny gave birth on the 12 of december. It's her second time. She gave birth in a very bad place which was really tight she used plastic bag some of her fur and a few cloths. I had to move the nest because the babies wouldn't stop getting out of the nest so i made a nest in...
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    Will rabbit abandon her babies if you move her nest ?

    Hi ! I have a lionhead mix dwarf rabbit. She is 6 months old and recently gave birth. It's her second litter. She gave birth in a very bad place which is really tight and also the babies can't stop moving out of the nest ending on the tiles floor so every now and then i have to check on them and...
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    Open wound after neuteuring male rabbit

    Hello ! I just neuteured my male rabbit on sunday . He is still doing fine , eating , pooping peeing and deinking but as i picked him up today i noticed somethinh was off with his wound. A black lump formed where he had surgery . And one of his testicles seemed like a banana which had the top...
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    Will my rabbit continue to produce milk if all her babies died after 1 week ?

    Hi ! I have two rabbits a male and a female they breed without me knowing and the mom oreo got her babies at only 5 momths old ! Sadly the babies died after 1 week. Oreo wasn't caring for her babies and we had to give them kitten milk replacement and provide them with extra heat and during the...