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    Thought I'd share some pictures of my new puppy, Maggie! She's a collie x labrador x springer spaniel x retriever haha. She's 8 weeks old and we got her from the dog pound. She smelled so bad so we gave her a bath, and she has to go to the vet ASAP for vaccinations, worming and flea treatment...
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    Free video message from Santa

    Came across this website and made one for my 6 year old sister. They are so cute and really well done, she was totally convinced. Here's the website http://www.portablenorthpole.com/home
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    Pumpkin Carving

    Thought I'd share some pictures of my pumpkins. Have to say I'm quite proud of them. I just copied them over from my blog. Anybody got any pictures of theirs to share? :)
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    Internet Security

    I bought Norton internet security when I bought my laptop, now it wants me to buy a renewal for €75! Lol, no way. Do any computer savvy people know any good free internet security programmes?
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    Most 90's kids probably had a Furby. Yesterday I saw a TV ad advertising new furbies! I'm 19 years old but I think I'm going to ask Santa to bring me one this year :) Any other big babies going to get one of the new Furbies?
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    Funny Cat Behaviour

    We have three cats, George, Kitten and Roxy. Kitten and Roxy are sisters and pretty much just ignore each other. Roxy and George also ignore each other. Though George likes to taunt Roxy sometimes by sitting in a chair and reaching down and batting her in the head when she's sitting underneath...
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    Where in the World have you been?

    Just thought this would be a fun thread to make to see where in the World all our members have travelled to. What countries have you been to? Which was your favourite? Where would you love to go? I've been to Ireland, Wales, England and Portugal. I'm also going to Spain in a few...
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    Then they were two.

    I rehomed most of my rabbits, excepy Henry and Princess due to not being able to give them all the attention they deserve. The last went today and I'm in tears writing this. Not easy at all :( I know it's for the best though. Had to get my Dad to bring them to their new family because I couldn't...
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    Couch to 5k

    Anyone ever tried the 'Couch to 5k' programme? My Dad has done it, and I'm starting today! It's basically a programme that gets you from doing nothing to running 5k (3 miles) or 30 minutes. I'm all motivated! My goal is to run a 10km (6 mile) race during the Summer. Does anyone want to try it...
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    The ''I want!'' thread.

    I thought this would be a fun idea. I think nearly all of us are always looking online at ads for bunnies for sale or bunnies looking for a new home, and getting all gah gah over them and wanting them so bad. If you see one that makes you melt, post the link here for the rest of us to squee over :P
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    Little help guys? :)

    Hey all! I normally don't ask for these kind of things, but I'd really like it if you guys could click on this link and click the little thumbs up button If any of you are in online competitions I'll gladly return the favour! Thanks...
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    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween everyone have a great time! x
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    Anyone know anything about Terrapins?

    So my Mam was talking about how she wants to get a turtle, the only pets we've ever had have always been of the furry kind so it would be something different. I suggested the little terrapins that are really popular in the pet shop. Of course it will be me that does all the research and care of...
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    90's Kid

    Just found this online, and love it! Applies to anyone born in the 80's/early 90's. Remeber Back! ~Before the MySpace and Bebo frenzy. ~Before the Internet & texting. ~Before mp3"s & iPods. ~Before Paris Hilton. ~Before PlayStation2 or X-BOX. ~Before the 5 hours of homework you put...
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    My Debs (Prom)

    Just thought I'd share some pictures :)
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    Overgrown teeth

    I just noticed today that one of the buns has overgrown bottom teeth. I haven't had to deal with this before, and I'm getting her to the vet asap. She is quite young too, about 6 months old. Do rabbits with this problem normally have to get their teeth trimmed regularly? I am fairly sure I have...
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    Funny dog video

    I just uploaded this video I made of my dog and my siblings. I think it's really funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF79OLSeOpY&feature=player_embedded
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    Google +

    If anyone is interested in getting on, I just joined and have invites :)
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    Homeless Man Jumps into river to save his rabbit

    A well known and liked homeless man who has fallen upon hard times keeps two pets a small Jack Russell Terrier and a rabbit. They are his companions and rarely leave his side. On this particular evening a young man of 18 decides to commit a horrible act of animal cruelty by stealing the rabbit...
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    Feel really bad :(

    My friend text me earlier today asking me if I wanted his two budgies that they didn't want them any more. I said no, as I am not a bird person really and don't know anything about budgies. I didn't hear anything else until he text me about an hour ago and said his Dad took them out and shot...