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    Breeders: How do you give your rabbits exercise?

    Or is the answer that they don't get exercise? I used to let my does out together to run around in a ~600 sq feet area that I had dedicated in my yard for my rabbitry for a few hours, and then let my bucks out together afterwards. But as my herd has grown, I'm getting certain does not getting...
  2. J

    Offspring of BEW Doe - Guaranteed VC/VM?

    Since BEWs are VV, that would mean 100% of their offspring would be vienna carriers or marked, correct? And breeders should be making a note of this when they sell the kits? It would be frustrating for me to buy a rabbit from a breeder, get the pedigree and see that one of the parents was a...
  3. J

    Okay to move mom and nest box to a different hutch after 2.5 weeks?

    My lionhead had her first litter of 4 kits 2 weeks and 3 days ago and she has been a stellar mommy - made a textbook nest in her nestbox and nurses her kits regularly. All of the babies are healthy and growing rapidly. The problem I have is that my setup isn't exactly ideal for active babies...
  4. J

    Fodder (Barley Grass) instead of Hay?

    I have 3 lionhead rabbits (all 5 months old) that I have been feeding a large 9"x12" tray of fodder every day with. I supplement this with 3/4 cup of Manna Pro Sho pellets that they share, and unlimited amounts of meadow hay. They are raised colony style, so I do not keep track of how much...