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    New babies! (Picture included)

    They are lovely, it's cool you have such an array of colours in there!
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    Thanks all, Unfortunately Maggie had to be admitted to the clinic. She has been vomiting and has diarrhoea and we fear she could have got parvo while she was in the pound. It's a virus that is really hard on them and could kill her. I'm praying it's not and she just has an upset stomach from...
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    Thanks all, just put her to bed and she sounds like she is being murdered. Should be an eventful night, thank God I have no where to be tomorrow :P
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    Thanks! Haha ya, I googled 'cute, girly puppy names' and Maggie was one of the first ones I found and everyone was in agreement that she looked like a Maggie.
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    Thought I'd share some pictures of my new puppy, Maggie! She's a collie x labrador x springer spaniel x retriever haha. She's 8 weeks old and we got her from the dog pound. She smelled so bad so we gave her a bath, and she has to go to the vet ASAP for vaccinations, worming and flea treatment...
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    Snow, snow and more snow.

    Send me some please, we only got a tiny sprinkle of snow one morning that stayed for a couple of hours.
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    So angry! Found neighbor's bunny at shelter!

    He's beautiful, I have a soft spot for nethies. I definitely think it was meant to be. Well done for rescuing him, I'm sure Howard appreciates it :)
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    Just showing off Liam :) Pic heavy

    I'm such a weirdo I always tear up at pictures/shows/videos of just born babies haha. He's adorable!
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    Liam is on the way!

    Aww he's a dote, congrats!
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    Found a kitten! (Graphic picture)

    He's lovely, he came on so well! Love his coat colour.
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    Horse People Rant

    What annoys me about some horse people too is here they think they know everything and are full of it! I don't know if it's the same in other countries, but I am studying Animal Science at the moment and there are a few people in my classes who are really into horses. They always talk about...
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    Praying for Connecticut

    Absolutely horrific, those poor babies. The kids were all ages between 6 and 7, the same age as my little sister's class. I can't even bear thinking about something like that happening to them.
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    What do you think?

    If you really want him you should get him. The only problem I can really see is the fact that he is an intact male that is well matured, so chances are when he is put in room with a young female he is going to get extremely messy. Spraying is really gross. They can spray up really high and far...
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    Homeless Man Jumps into river to save his rabbit

    Well when I saw the guy during the Summer, he was still homeless and Barney the bunny was still going strong. I don't think anything has really changed for him. I guess he has issues that are keeping him homeless. I remember reading when it first happened he was given a job working with animals...
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    Homeless Man Jumps into river to save his rabbit

    The guy who threw the rabbit in the river got 4 months in jail just a couple of weeks ago. I'm happy justice was served!
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    SPCA education program!

    That sounds great, I'd love to do something similar. I recently gave a short presentation on rabbits to people on my college course (Animal Science) and most of them told me they had no idea that rabbits were so complex and could be so affectionate. I'm hoping some day to possibly give...
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    Good luck whichever way it goes, I'm looking forward to seeing cute little wrinkly baby pictures when he does make his grand entrance :)
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    Tattoo the Octopus.

    Very sorry to hear I remember reading about him and thinking how cool he was!
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    The local feral population we visit when I get bunny withdrawal [img heavy]

    Oh they are so cute! I wouldn't call them feral, feral rabbit's wouldn't let you near them. The definition of feral is along the lines of ''existing in a wild or untamed state''. This are more stray or homeless. Maybe some rabbit rescues would be willing to round them up and have them fixed...
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    Holiday Movies

    My favourite is 'Home Alone'. I also love 'The Nightmare before Christmas', 'Jingle All the Way', 'The Santa Clause' to name a few. I'm going to watch a Christmas film that came out last year called 'Arthur Christmas' tonight with my younger siblings, supposedly it's really good.