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  1. kirbyultra

    Binky free, my Kirby

    I never thought I'd be coming back to RO after all these years to post in the Rainbow Bridge forum. It pains me to share that we have lost our dearest bun, Kirby. I wrote my last blog post in memory of him here. Thank you, RO, so much for all the love and support that you gave us. I was lost...
  2. kirbyultra

    King Kirby's Rabbit Nation 2014

    King Kirby's Rabbit Nation Welcome to my blog! This is the 2014 edition where I will be writing all about the interesting happenings in the royal court of King Kirby. Here are links to older blogs if you want to read their stories: 2009 Edition 2010 Edition 2011 - 2013 Edition
  3. kirbyultra

    VIDEOS: How-to vids for rabbit caretaking

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but the House Rabbit Society has recorded and posted online a fantastic video series on bunny care! How to take care of a pet rabbit http://www.howcast.com/guides/1187-How-to-Take-Care-of-a-Pet-Rabbit It is completely FREE to watch and insanely...
  4. kirbyultra

    Shiloh's Mabel - RIP

    I saw this on facebook and Shiloh said she wanted to post something but technical difficulties were getting in the way, so I'm doing it for her. Earlier this morning her bunny Mabel passed away in arms on their way to the vet. It's such sad news. Shiloh has had Mabel since she was a baby. It's...
  5. kirbyultra

    My new house got egged - so sad

    Hi rabbit people. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on the motive to egg someone's house. I recently moved into my first real house. My hubby and I spent a lot of time renovating it and we have only lived here a little while. We have met a couple neighbors in passing and everyone so far has...
  6. kirbyultra

    (RESOLVED!!) Lucky rabbit was rescued from under a car - but now needs a place to go

    Hi everyone! My gosh have I been MIA or what!!! Well this isn't about me, it's about a bunny named Houdini and how he needs a friend right now. I don't have a ton of details but a friend of a friend found a rabbit hiding under a car near a park in New Jersey on Monday and she rescued him out...
  7. kirbyultra

    Kirby, Penny, and Toby celebrating Easter

  8. kirbyultra

    King Kirby's Rabbit Nation 2011

    Welcome to King Kirby's Rabbit Nation, 2011 Edition! 2009 Edition link is here! 2010 Edition link is here! Here is the ruler of all the rabbit lands, King Kirby: Kirby is a kind and gentle rabbit who wasn't always privileged and royal. He came from humble beginnings in a cold land until he...
  9. kirbyultra

    Bonded pair - separation anxiety?

    Kirby and Penny are my bonded pair and they've been together since May this year. Since the very beginning they have been together only about 12 hours a day. Reason being Penny is a huge pig and she doesn't give Kirby a chance to ever eat or drink. When she sees food, she eats it all as fast as...
  10. kirbyultra

    Can bunnies see infrared light?

    I bought a webcam that has night vision and it never occurred to me to think if they could see infrared light... the camera's light is pretty bright based on what I see on the screen. Their eyes all look like they have "red eye" effect. I wonder if they can see this blinding infrared light or not...
  11. kirbyultra

    Need an opinion on teeth

    Penny is eating just fine as usual but I always knew her teeth didn't quite meet up. Here's how they look now. Does it look alright to you or should I be expecting her to have problems down the road? Thanks! Closeup:
  12. kirbyultra

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    I found out I'm allergic to fragrance and benzyl alcohol among other things so I've been looking to switch my hair products and stuff that touch my skin to fragrance free to avoid allergens. From what I know I am allergic to the synthetic fragrance chemicals, probably not natural oils and stuff...
  13. kirbyultra

    Starcraft 2

    ...I'm hooked... anyone else have the Starcraft poison?
  14. kirbyultra

    Kleenmama's 2nd cut timothy hay? New bluegrass?

    I've fed Kleenmama's 3rd cut timothy hay and it's really soft and wonderful on the human hands. The buns adore it! But I do want to get some rougher hay to alternate with as well. Kleenmama (kmshayloft.com) emailed earlier saying that she had to get her bluegrass from another farmer. I was...
  15. kirbyultra

    Bonding a trio

    For somewhat selfish human reasons I hope that I can bond my current pair (Kirby & Penny) with my boy Toby. It would be so much easier if they could all be together at once and share playtime, etc. Some background: All 3 are spayed and neutered. Toby and Kirby are two boys who I failed...
  16. kirbyultra

    2010 15th Annual Rabbit Care Conference

    Anyone in the tristate area or greater NE region want to spend a day on rabbit care? The Rabbit Rescue and Rehab (NYC chapter of HRS) is hosting the Conference on Sunday, October 24 in New Rochelle. I'm going this year and I cannot wait! I know a couple of RO members are considering going. Maybe...
  17. kirbyultra

    Don't know why Penny pees in the same spot every day

    I adopted Penny in April and she has been the most atrocious bunny in terms of litter habits, I have ever met. Over the course of the last 3.5 months she's worked it up to about 70-80% making it to the litter box. But she insists that every morning (right before I wake up, I think) she'll pee in...
  18. kirbyultra

    Do you know French? please help!

    I'm going to have a little brass name plate made and stick it to Sir Toby's bunny condo. He lives in Le Chateau and hubby and I often call him "To" for short. Now, I don't know what's proper French: Le Chateau d'To or Le Chateau de To? :? I don't want to put the wrong thing on the plate...
  19. kirbyultra

    What to buy hubby for his 30th Birthday

    My husband is going to turn 30 this September. He always gets me the most incredible gifts for my birthday and Christmas, etc. and I admit I am one of the worst gift givers on the planet. Every once in a while I hit on the right one but most of the time I really don't know what to get the...
  20. kirbyultra

    Losing sleep every night because of the bun buns

    Lately I've been inadvertently spending less time with one bun or another bun, sometimes both sets of my rabbits... so the last couple days I've been trying to make up for it. Punishment for bad slave service is loss of sleep. Anyone else sleep at odd hours because of the master...