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  1. plasticbunny

    Anyone Watching Their Weight?

    Well, it's been a few weeks since I went on "the diet", and I've lost ten lbs :biggrin:. I've wanted to slim down for a few years now, but now that I'm getting married in four months, it's absolutely necessary! I'm finding it a lot easier to eat well this time around, but I'm struggling with...
  2. plasticbunny

    New Photo Contest?

    Just wondering if we'll be having a photo contest for Halloween or autumn? It's been awhile so I wasn't sure if we aren't doing these any more? :)
  3. plasticbunny

    My Wedding Dress

    Well, we've set the date: Febuary 17, 2012. I've always wanted to elope, but the courthouse requires you to have two witnesses that you know. How do you choose just two people without everyone else getting grumpy? Also, even though they have been warned MANY times in the last few years that...
  4. plasticbunny

    Haven't been active here in a few days

    A week and a bit ago, a lady ran into my store holding a sweater out in front of her. She had seen a cat digging about in a nest of baby cottontails and had pulled the three babies from the nest in an attempt to rescue them. Beyond that, she had no idea what to do. The first thing I...
  5. plasticbunny

    Im Engaged!

    After 5 long years, it finally happend... Rob popped the question! At 1:30 this morning, neither of us could sleep, so we cuddled in bed with the puppies. And then, out of no where, he pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him! :hearts:hearts:hearts:hearts:hearts:hearts:hearts:hearts
  6. plasticbunny

    I'm Actually Hating Gus at this Point

    It's true, I'm actually hating Gus right now. I'm trying treats - he rarely takes them from me. I sit with him in his pen and he boxes me. I sit with him on my lap and he bites me. He thumps at me when I walk in his room. He can't be bought with food, snuggles, pets, or baby talk. I lay on...
  7. plasticbunny

    Rescued Bunny Today

    Well, I work in a pet store, and people love to try and dump their animals in pet stores. I'm constantly being asked if we would take puppies/kittens/a pet no longer wanted. Very sad. Today, a lady came in WITH her rabbit in a beat-up cloth carrier. She reeked of alcohol. She went on about how...
  8. plasticbunny

    What is Your Limit?

    Exactly what the title says: What is your limit to spend at the vet's? For example, I am willing to spend up to $700 per rabbit emergency, and 3 emergencies per rabbit. I would spend up to $1500 per dog emergency, and 3 emergencies per dog. I also have two rats and would spend the money...
  9. plasticbunny

    Is There a Point to Breeding if You Don't Plan on Showing?

    It seems to be the general concensis that breeding to improve the standard is the best (and to a lot of people, the only) way to go. But, does this mean that it is best to breed towards winning rabbit shows, or is it possible to breed to improve the standard of a breed, without showing the...
  10. plasticbunny

    What's Your Favourite Breed?

    What is your favourite breed of rabbit, and why?
  11. plasticbunny

    (RIP) Chest Congestion, Possible Pneumonia or Heart Condition

    IMMEDIATE INFORMATION: Description (Breed, color, weight): Flemish Giant, 11 lbs Age: 8 months Sex: F Concise Summary of the Rabbit's Condition: A few days ago, I noticed that Molly had lost weight. Her vertibrae were becoming easy to feel and she felt lighter to pick up. I checked her teeth...
  12. plasticbunny

    I Can't Believe This is Happening

    So, I noticed a couple of days ago that Molly was losing weight, and I was really concerned. I made her an appointment for Tuesday morning to have her teeth checked/bloodwork etc. Aside from the weight loss, she seemed perfectly fine eating andbehavior wise - a little lazy, but she's always...
  13. plasticbunny

    Molly is Losing Weight

    Over the last few days, I've felt like Molly just isn't being herself. She just seems, well, extra lazy. If that is possible. But when I went to pet her a few days ago, I noticed that i could feel a hint of her vertabrae and hip bones, which has never been normal for her. As of this morning, I...
  14. plasticbunny

    e. cuniculi???

    Hello! Well, I work in a pet store that seems to know NOTHING about buns. It can be frustrating, to say the least. Friday, we got in two new bunnies (about 6 weeks old). Seems like a Nethie and a Dutch. The Dutch is just precious and though I don't have room, I enjoy snuggling her at work...
  15. plasticbunny

    Broken Nails, Blood Everywhere

    I don't know how she did it, but somehow Molly broke two of her nails, right through the quick. I washed her paws, trimmed off the fur in the area, and applied poysporin. Tonight I will clean them again and reapply the polysporin. Anything else I should be doing? I still have some metacam...
  16. plasticbunny

    At What Age Can a Baby Rabbit be Introduced to Hay?

    OK, as far as I know, rabbits can eat hay assoon as they choose to eat it. However, the manager at my work (I work in a pet store) would like me to NOT recommend feeding hay when I sell a bunny. She seems to be under the impression that hay should not be introduced until 6 months of age! I...
  17. plasticbunny

    Bunnies...And Other Very Important Things

    CHAPTER ONE: THE STORY OF BUNBUNS When I was growing up, the only animals I ever remember having were cats. I was never allowed a dog, a giunea pig, a turtle, a hamster... Only one or two cats and that was all. One Christmas, when I was about eight or nine years old, I begged Santa for a...
  18. plasticbunny

    Changing up the Rabbit Room

    As it is right now, Molly and Gus have their own room. At one end of the room, I've set up two XL Xpens, side by side, to be their cages. During the day, Molly's pen door is left open so she can have free range of the room. Her favorite activity is to lounge around full spread either in the...
  19. plasticbunny

    Unusually Calm Holland Lop

    For those who don't know, I work in a pet store. Last week, we recieved our latest shipment of bunnies. Included in the shipment was a teeny, puffy little agouti lop. I have a severe weakness for Holland Lops, and agouti's, but the boyfriend has pointed out that I have 6 animals and he is not...
  20. plasticbunny

    Molly getting spayed on Friday

    Well, I really wanted to hold out before getting Molly spayed because the vet said it will stunt her growth... But I'm just dying to start bonding her with Gus :inlove:. But of course I'm nervous and worried! Anyone who's been through a spay have any words of wisdom??? Or kind words to soothe...