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  1. CosyBunny

    What are you getting your buns for Christmas?

    I've got Cosy an advent calendar from a local pet shop and also a fleece pad/bed to sit on as he's an old man now and needs some comfort 😊 he will also be getting some treats and toys in his stocking. I also like to make him a christmas dinner similar to ours! - carrot and parsnip peels, a...
  2. CosyBunny


    Most posts on here contain information that ivermectin is safe for rabbits - has anyone used it on theirs before and would it be safe for me to use this to treat fur mites at home?
  3. CosyBunny

    Rabbit birthday ideas? 🥳

    My rabbit is also obsessed with shredding paper! And that is a great recipe, I make those into little treats. I tend to go all out at christmas with an advent calendar from pets at home, christmas treats and a few presents. I also make Cosy a little christmas dinner of vegetables he is already...
  4. CosyBunny

    Weeping Eye

    Hi, my rabbit Cosy had this a few years ago on multiple occasions. It seemed to be caused by either a change of bedding/hay or a change of location. If there's anything familiar around your rabbit it may help them. We used cotton wool and warm water (that had been boiled) to clean it and warm it...
  5. CosyBunny

    Cost of teeth trimming...

    Thank you. He has never had it done before so this will be a one-off. Recently he has cost us a lot with various other problems and yes its the back teeth not the front. Just slightly confusing as many prices I've seen range from £100-£200. Still deciding what is best for him! :)
  6. CosyBunny

    Sprained paw??

    Cosy had a similar issue but was walking almost normally. He jumped off my shoulder and caught his toe in the path - less of a serious issue though because the toe could have just been removed. We left it as it is and now he just has a wonky toe. However your rabbit does look in pain and i would...
  7. CosyBunny

    Fur mites

    Cosy has small mites on his shoulders, neck and back. I will probably be purchasing Ivermectin off Amazon for this. He occasionally scratches but often pulls at his 'beard' fur, it must be itchy. Is this treatment effective, and does anyone have any tips? thanks.
  8. CosyBunny

    Cost of teeth trimming...

    Our mini lop eared rabbit Cosy has been diagnosed with sharp edges on his teeth by our vet - similar to his late brother but not as severe. His brother (Cookie) had his back teeth filed in August 2017 for £160. Our vet has now told us it will be £440 for Cosy to have his filed. Cosy is not in...