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  1. koalasoom

    Bringing baby bun home to a 1yo bun

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. We’ve adopted a 3 month old baby mini lop (female) from a friend whose bun had an unexpected litter. She was completely unprepared to take care of them and has asked us to take care of the a baby who she recently sold off but was returned to her. We’re...
  2. koalasoom

    white flakes in fur

    Hi All, I hope that everyone is keeping as well as can be. I’m after some advice regarding my 8mo old mini lop. He is a domestic free roaming, neutered bun. I was petting him two days back and felt a slight firmness between his shoulders. I had a look and saw white dandruff like material (a...
  3. koalasoom

    smaller and slightly shaped poop

    Bunny is around 6 months old now and we had him neutered two weeks ago. He wouldn’t comply with the painkillers given by the vet even though we tried to syringe feed them several times a day. It smells horrible so I can imagine why he wouldn’t want to have this. He’s been running around since...
  4. koalasoom

    5mo bun behaving oddly. Help please

    My partner and I were away for a week and so left our 5mo boy with my sister. She kept him in his x-pen with all his familiar toys and bits and let him free roam in her room while she was at home. He was eating and behaving as normal with her as she kept me up to date via videos and pictures. We...
  5. koalasoom

    A few Qs- water intake and crust around eyes

    Hi All, my Bunny is almost 3 months old and he’s been with us for just over a week now. I have two Qs. I’m not sure that he’s drinking enough water? We fill up the water bowl for him and he drinks maybe half the bowl by the end of the day but eats hay, both whilst on his litter tray and when...
  6. koalasoom

    Help, baby bun just ate a flower stem

    Hi All! So I'd just trimmed the ends of the flower stems and made sure to get up and throw them away once I'd set the flowers into the vase. suddenly I hear baby crunching on something. I think one of the flower stems must have fallen through! It was literally the end of the stem (2cm end that...
  7. koalasoom

    What will this bunny look like when its older?

    Hi all, So my friend is planning on getting the picture bunny. Her/his parents are also pictured. I'm no bunny expert but she's keen to know what the bunny will look like when he/she is older. Any idea?
  8. koalasoom

    Commuting with/transporting baby bunny

    Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. We’re due to go and collect our baby this Saturday however our pet carrier has not arrived yet and isn’t due to arrive till after next week. The lady selling has told us that she will provide him in a cardboard box and insists that this is okay. It’s...