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  1. JenGibs

    Help! Young rabbit siblings fighting

    Too cute but PLEASE separate them. One good fight and you may never be able to bond them or lose one altogether. You KNOW they will fight as it has happened. Please be safe rather than regretful later when something bad happens. As long as they can safely see each other, they will not lose...
  2. JenGibs

    34 days pregnant and no babies Help please

    Does she have the option of coming out of her cage and getting some exercise? That’s a pretty small cage and she will need space to get away from her babies should she choose to from time to time.
  3. JenGibs

    34 days pregnant and no babies Help please

    Please keep us posted! She is beautiful!
  4. JenGibs

    Pregnant doe.

    I love Tractor Supply too! My litter boxes have a layer of the pine pellets (horse bedding) and a layer of hay on top. Never smells and I dump once a week and change hay daily. Love those pellets as they absorb great! I also buy their compressed bales of Timothy Hay. Lasts me over a month (I...
  5. JenGibs

    Spurs and Sadness

    Lots of hay. They love apple branches, willow branches....things to chew that are hard help. Blocks of wood, wood sticks (careful of treatment or pesticides). I had to have two get teeth trimmed and was told to have them checked every 2 years.....
  6. JenGibs

    Dwarf Bunny Food & Poop

    Is he eating pellets? Pellets often cause soft stools. If that happens to my buns (they are chunky monkeys and love their food) I put a small amount of rolled oats in their pellets and it firms it right up. *I must say I know they aren’t sick or anything bc I know them and I know how this...
  7. JenGibs

    Do I need a Litter Box?

    Please refer to you other post you made where blu eyes gave you all the info.
  8. JenGibs

    Single Baby

    I would contact the vet about the mom still bleeding.
  9. JenGibs

    Can anyone tell what colour this Holland lop baby is?

    OMG'sh..... he is just precious!
  10. JenGibs

    Concerns with 5 week old bunnies

    Please remove the sawdust. That is not good for them. They do not have a litter box therefore they do not know where to pee/poo so of course theya re going everywhere. They will also need a larger space and not a cage. What is your long-term plan for them as far as indoor/outdoor? Bunnies...
  11. JenGibs

    Litter Training a Bonded Pair?

    That’s why I said make sure they do not have access to the edges. It’s a flat surface so it’s hard for them to just eat in the middle. I can also tell you that the cheaper ones, that are more flimsy, are not good. The thick ones are great. One of my bonded pairs took a few chews on a corner...
  12. JenGibs

    Any ideas for good toys/distractions when free ranging?

    We use cardboard boxes too! They love to explore! We also have a “dig box”. I found an extra small, plastic kiddie pool, and we have crumbled up packing paper, toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes and a few apple branches in there. They jump in and dig around. They pull the crumpled...
  13. JenGibs

    Something wrong with my rabbit. Pls help ! Urgent need !

    Please also know that cabbage is a gassy food to buns and should be fed in moderation. It sounded like GI stasis to me too and I’m not fond of the vet’s plan of action. I also agree that an exotic vet may not be an easy option. I only have one exotic vet here so we have put together the...
  14. JenGibs

    Bald spots near mouth and chin?

    Please remember bunnies have a whopping 28 teeth! Insane right! A front visual exam at home or at the vets office will never show them all. My buns were put under very light anesthesia so the vet could look all the way in. Mine had back teeth issues and needed to be filed. I never would...
  15. JenGibs

    How do I know if my bunny broke his leg?

    Please educate yourself. Please. Welcome to bunny parenting! There are just so many things different with these guys than other pets. I’ve had buns forever and still learn new things all the time. Feeding structure and what they eat and how much is critical. GO stasis happens often and...
  16. JenGibs

    Is it even possible?

    I was gonna say the same thing- she really loves you! LOL.... Yes, females can spray. Is there a reason you haven’t gotten her spayed? Female unspayed buns have a high risk of cancers... She is so cute! What’s her name?
  17. JenGibs

    Litter Training a Bonded Pair?

    If putting over carpet, the 1/2 inch thick may not be thick enough to keep them from bending in when walking. They come in blue, gray and black.
  18. JenGibs

    Litter Training a Bonded Pair?

    I use these under my rabbit areas (over carpet) and they are perfect! I have a female who doesn’t do well on wood floors and she does fine with these. Easy to clean. We take them outside and hose off with water and soap once a week...but mine don’t pee on them so we probably don’t have to...
  19. JenGibs

    Dortmund - Self free-ranging

    I was going to mention the same thing...it’s probably from food. My buns will pee outside of the box once or twice every time I change their litter box fully! I think they are letting me know they would rather have their old, poopy one! LOL... After the first day, they are back in the litter...
  20. JenGibs

    Fully litterbox trained rabbit keeps turning over and dumping litterbox

    So many thoughts here...... Stay on topic, yes. However, I also think it should be mentioned that while this is only temporary, there are a few issues here that go beyond the litter box. - If your buns are used to being inside, don’t you think those freezing temperatures are a...