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  1. hln917

    looking for old member

    I have her as a FB friend, I'll let her know you're looking for her.
  2. hln917


    Yes as long as you have a doctor's note, but you do need to call the airline ahead of time and notify them.
  3. hln917

    Rest well Silas, my handsome boy..

    I'm sorry for your loss. Binky Free Silas. I haven't been on for awhile but I remember reading the story when you first bonded them.
  4. hln917

    Bonding 2 male after surgery

    Hi~ we recently became foster failures to 2 males, a lionhead approx. 4 years and a lop approx 1 year. Both are in separate bedrooms and are scheduled for their neuter tomorrow. I'm hoping they will bond. Should I wait before placing them in the same room separated by a pen or start...
  5. hln917

    Poopy butt/not eating

    Hi~ Simba my 4 yr lionhead did not touch her pellets nor hay last nite. He did eat his red leaf lettuce. I also notice he has a poopy butt. Cecal and wet poop stuck to the butt. I tried to pull off as much as he'll let me. I will have to wait till the husband come home to help clean him. I...
  6. hln917

    Emergency Stuff Every Rabbit Owner Should Have

    Here's a list I found on line. I would also suggest syringes for feeding and make sure you have proper paddings and plenty of towels in case you need to line a carrier with padding for a head tilt
  7. hln917

    Rehoming in Philadelphia ! Young MiniLop !

    Do you need to rehome both? Also what happened to the babies?
  8. hln917

    Homemade hay racks?? Please post your pictures!

    Not really homemade but Simba loves his "hay basket"
  9. hln917

    Where to send him ?!

    2bunsoflove~ are you still looking to find a home for your bunny?
  10. hln917

    Help? Got a bunny but I have no idea what to do.

    What a cutie! Congrats. Looks like he's a lop bunny. Check his litter box and you will be able to tell if he's drinking water if he's peeing. I agree with the above posters, he's probably scared at the new surroundings. At his age, you may want to give him alfalfa hay and pellets. Make sure...
  11. hln917

    Where to send him ?!

    2Bunsoflove and Oakridge Rabbits~ I sent you both PM but not sure if it went thru. Can you please PM me?
  12. hln917

    Where to send him ?!

    Please DO NOT RELEASE him in the wild. He will not survive. You can also be fined for that action. Luvnbunns is 30 min from Philly. Also in NJ. They are in Maple Shades which is about 20 min from Philly.
  13. hln917


    Looks like Cappuccino, my lop, got nipped thru the baby gates by Simba. We have the betadine, but is it safe to apply plain neosporin on it? Would it cause any harm if she licks it?
  14. hln917

    Goodbye my sweet Muppet.

    Im so sorry~ Binky free little Muppet.
  15. hln917

    Mooshu B Bunny 11/18/2003 - 12/30/2013

    Binky free Mooshu.
  16. hln917

    Finn--Rest in Peace my little man.

    I'm so sorry~ I remember reading Finn's story and how happy I was to know you were giving him his furever home. You gave him a wonderful home the time he was there. Binky free little Finn.
  17. hln917

    Binky Free my little Shades 2008-2013

    My heart is broken. I lost my Shades unexpectly on Dec. 31, 2013. i didnt realize when i kissed her that morning~ it was going to be last kiss. She was gone too soon. I'm so sorry I failed you. You are now with Sebastian. When tomorrow starts without me, And I am not there to see...
  18. hln917

    Kashi looks miserable again.. (RIP)

    I'm so sorry Kitty~ I just saw this. I loved reading about her then his blog. Binky free Kashi. :bigtears:
  19. hln917

    I like this cage better.

    A couple bunny moms here have that bunny condo. I thinks it's worth it especially if you can just pick it up without having to pay for any shipping fees.
  20. hln917

    This has become a NIGHTMARE!

    What airline are they flying on?
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