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  1. SableSteel

    Help! Determining whether my tort is a vc

    You can't tell if it's a vc just by looking at it. If it has visible vienna markings its a vm. the term vc is used for ones that carry the vienna gene but have no physical marks from it.
  2. SableSteel

    Coat Coloring Question

    Definitely black. The black patches aren't quite as clear cut; the orange furs mixed it make it look lighter but there are sections, especially on his face, that are definitely black
  3. SableSteel

    Can he be a pure holland lop?

    Could be a pure holland lop, just a poorly bred one. There's a lot of really bad quality holland lops out there because breed them willy nilly trying to make 'cute pets', so they aren't as consistent in appearance as some other breeds of rabbit.
  4. SableSteel

    Coat Coloring Question

    The only four variations of tricolor: black/orange, blue/fawn, chocolate/orange, and lilac/fawn. That's what they're called in ARBA standards, regardless of how bright or dull the fawn or orange part of it is.
  5. SableSteel

    Can I breed a black tort to a harlequin?

    Tort is recessive to harlequin and magpie (magpie is just the chinchilla version of harlequin.) Breed him to a harlequin and there is no chance of any full-extension colors such as black or chestnut. Only a chance of lighter colors such as harlequin, possibly tort and orange as well
  6. SableSteel

    Can I breed chinchilla/squirrel Holland lop to an orange/cream one

    That's just a lilac harlequin. And your rabbit is definitely a tort. But that doesn't make much difference when breeding to a magpie. Both tort or orange should produce harlequins when bred to a magpie. Though IMO you should breed for structure and conformation before even looking at color.
  7. SableSteel

    Coat Coloring Question

    Looks like a black tri to me. Would be black/orange, they call it that regardless of how light or dark the orange is. This one just has particularly light rufus.
  8. SableSteel

    Can I breed chinchilla/squirrel Holland lop to an orange/cream one

    one easy way to tell them apart is to look for agouti markings. orange can have some darker shading (called smut; not desirable but it shows up) but they always have agouti markings: white nostrils, white eye circles and a white belly, usually white jowls as well. Torts usually have bellies that...
  9. SableSteel

    Identifying true dwarfs

    And you can't tell if they are true dwarfs or false dwarfs when they are tiny little babies. When I bred dwarfs I could usually tell with fairly decent certainty around 4-6 weeks. But somebody with more experience with those breeds and lines might be able to tell even sooner.
  10. SableSteel

    Identifying true dwarfs

    That rabbit in that last picture shows all the classic signs of a false dwarf holland. Long head, long ears and long (yet thick and well furred) front legs. Young hollands do go through an ugly stage where even the true dwarfs will look a bit gangly. When that happens and to what degree depends...
  11. SableSteel

    Runt or peanut?

    I do that force feeding. It can take a long time for the babies to get full - they dont seem to fill up as fast as when their mother choses to feed them. Usually takes about twenty minutes for them to start to show milk in their bellies. The baby is NOT a peanut. It has normal ears, peanuts...
  12. SableSteel

    Can I breed chinchilla/squirrel Holland lop to an orange/cream one

    That's a black tortoise. Not an orange or fawn. Bred to a squirrel would most likely make chestnuts. If you want to stick with lighter colors best to keep it to other non-extension colors such as fawn, cream, tort or frosty
  13. SableSteel

    Identifying true dwarfs

    Hollands have a lot of normal sized stillborns as well. the majority of peanuts are noticeably smaller but the best way to tell a peanut is to look at the ear shape. Peanuts have tiny, triangular shaped ears. Other stillborns and runts should have normal ears. The best way to tell if a rabbit is...
  14. SableSteel

    This or That? (game)

    Hot I guess. I'm used to the heat. Not used to the cold. Soda or Pop?
  15. SableSteel

    Should Two Reed Eyed White Rabbits Produce REW Offsprings

    No such thing as a red eyed sable point. They're probably pointed whites. Pointed whites can look darker as babies as they are as adults if they get chilled. At least one parent needs to be pointed white to throw pointed white babies, if the other parent is for sure REW. But there are a lot of...
  16. SableSteel

    This or That? (game)

    Why not both? Cable or Streaming?
  17. SableSteel

    Get to know each other game!

    I am quite neutral towards soup. I like it, but I wouldn't say I love it. Also, I am a big fan of Plague Dogs movie. Couldn't get too far into the book though. I do like indie movies, watch a lot of indie sci-fi short films The person below me has to clean out their shed soon
  18. SableSteel

    This or That? (game)

    I don't really like either, but if I had to choose one I'll pick the lesser of two evils and go with Christmas. Broken or solid colored rabbits?
  19. SableSteel

    could bubbles and brownie be show rabbits?

    You are in the Rabbitry and Show Room category. If you don't agree with showing rabbits you shouldn't participate in this category. And rabbits do perfectly fine with shows. Show rabbits have been selectively bred for generations to handle a show environment well. They are well socialized with...
  20. SableSteel

    Rabbit Quality

    Nope. You need to wait until the body develops more. 12 weeks, or 8 weeks at the earliest, is when I start looking at type. If somebody is selling a rabbit as show quality for younger than that I wouldn't buy from them.