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  1. NZminilops

    Happy 5th Birthday, Rory!

    Paul has great skin! Rory looks like he had a good time.
  2. NZminilops

    Thought I'd resurrect the RO pregnancy thread

    I'm due with my second early November. 2 under 2 woohoo!
  3. NZminilops

    RIP Teresa Mekare

  4. NZminilops

    2012 Texan Tales & Tails

    Would love to see some pictures.
  5. NZminilops

    wild bunny's live by my house

    Aren't they generally pests? They are here anyway.
  6. NZminilops

    The Happy Bunny Family

    All of your babies are so unique, beautiful and perfect... ...and Howard needs to move in with you!
  7. NZminilops

    Kiwis C:

    We got a few seconds of snow in Auckland the other week! Feels like the middle of summer here, I've been sitting around in my undies lol.
  8. NZminilops

    Introducing rabbits and babies

    My son is coming up to 9 months old and I haven't had a bunneroo for quite some time now. Would love to look into getting one from the SPCA but as Thomas is so young, I'm nervous about him being rough. He terrorises the cat and yanks her fur out as it is. Would it be wise to wait until I can...
  9. NZminilops

    Some NON-furry scaley beasties (Caution to the scardey cats)

    You keep people as pets over there Alicia? Meh, as much as I like rabbits, all animals are equal in my books and they all have to eat. Snakes are awesome XD. I'm an animal and I eat meat!
  10. NZminilops

    Some NON-furry scaley beasties (Caution to the scardey cats)

    Why would anyone have a tantrum at snake pics?!? Stunnng, absolutely amazing pictures everyone. I love snakes and have only touched one in my whole life, when I was in Australia.
  11. NZminilops

    Can girls be just friends with guys?

    My best friend is a guy and we have been best buds since we were 11 (now 29). No feelings ever on my side, and if he ever had feelings for me he never let on.
  12. NZminilops

    Kiwis C:

    Yo yo :D long time no see!
  13. NZminilops

    A day in the life of Michelle & Pets

    Thanks! He is now 6 months old and quite a handful. Hopefully he can have "his" first bunny by the end of the year. I still miss Sakura a lot.
  14. NZminilops

    Dallas Jinx Jones

    What a shock, goodbye Dallas, you cute little rascal.
  15. NZminilops

    Pebbles 06/23/04 - 05/14/10

    RO just isn't RO without Pebbles. Goodbye little one.
  16. NZminilops

    Thought I'd resurrect the RO pregnancy thread

    My little guys is 4 months old now and I am expecting AGAIN! Due 5th December so 1 year 4 days between them.
  17. NZminilops

    A day in the life of Michelle & Pets

    Thomas is here! Born December 1st by emergency c-section. He's brilliant, human babies are almost as fun and cute as bunny babies. He sleeps well, being exclusively breastfed and gaining weight well too. He smiles a lot but of course never when I grab the camera.
  18. NZminilops

    A day in the life of Michelle & Pets

    Our course finished ealier this year, and we both got our certifications. Fat lot of good they have done though! No jobs for either of us all year. And we have both already forgotten most of what we learnt. Mat is now training to become a police officer and goes off to police college next year...
  19. NZminilops

    Amy's cats, rabbits, etc!

    Your life sure has had some major ups and downs. I am glad to see that you are looking on the positive side of things. Having been cheated on (emotional affair that almost got physical), I know a little of how you would be feeling. For us we decided to keep trying and now due with our son in...