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    Looking for people in Sweden

    Hi there, My name is Amelia and I am in a bit of a unique situation. The short version is that I am desperately looking for someone in Sweden who can take care of my bunnies. Here is the long version of the story- My husband and I lived in Blekinge on work visas for several years. We speak...
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    Now He Ate A Cough Drop...

    My rabbit ate part of a cough drop a while back and he was fine. But every bunny is different and they have sensitive stomachs. I would just keep an eye on him and make sure he is eating lots of hay and water. If he stops eating hay take him to the vet ASAP.
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    shedding behavior please help

    The hair in the poop is normal in that amount, because it is not excessive. But you really need to figure out a way to groom her because if she digests a lot of hair it can make her very sick. This happened to one of my rabbits last year. Another trick to try might be lightly plucking while she...
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    Wheezing Rabbit

    Hey everyone, My bunny is making loud wheezing type noises that seem to increase when he gets excited/breaths more heavily. He has no other symptoms and is running around, eating and pooping like normal. I offered him some pellets and his wheezing/squeaking got even louder because he was so...
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    Stomach pains, what to do?

    No kidding! The stories we all could tell.... It is absolutely insane how smart my rabbit is. He is way too smart for his own good. But not smart enough to avoid plastic slippers!
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    Stomach pains, what to do?

    No more slippers!!! A few months ago my bunno got sick in a similar way and we think it was because he ate up a plastic shopping back from Ikea. Bad bunnos! He is so cute and I am so glad he is recovering!!
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    Bonding Help

    Cabby has been neutered for about a year. Cinnabun will be spayed soon but we have been waiting until she was healthy before putting her through surgery. When we got her she was very sick and very overweight. Thankfully, she is doing so much better now.
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    Bonding Help

    Also, the reason I decided to post on here was because both bunnies accidentally got out of their rooms at the same time at Cabby just totally went after Cinnabun and it really scared me :(. Poor Cinnabun was left shaking in a corner once we caught him. It just breaks my heart because Cabby has...
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    Bonding Help

    Hi Everyone, I have read a lot online about rabbit bonding but I wanted to see if anyone had any specific tips for my bunny situation. My first bunny, named Cabby, came to live with us when he was 4 months old and he has been free roam. He is very bonded with my husband and I and is always a...
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    Rabbit not taking medicine, help!!

    No he doesnt seem to be a fan of the CC even though its apple and banana flavored. But, like I mentioned in the first post, he IS eating. Just not as much as he should be. He will eat pellets out of my hand and he is eating more hay today than yesterday.
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    Rabbit not taking medicine, help!!

    Oh the paw thing is a great idea! I tried it and.... I think it worked? I am not entirely sure how much of it actually got ingested though....
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    Rabbit not taking medicine, help!!

    Hello everyone, So on Sunday I started noticing that my bunny's appetite was a bit lower but he was still eating. He would eat all of his pellets just not nearly as quickly as normal. By Wednesday night his appetite was significantly lower and I took him to the vet on Thursday. He never stopped...