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  1. Hannahsigurdson

    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    Yep I am over here in Buffalo! It usually great, except for when it is freezing cold. I love it here!
  2. Hannahsigurdson

    New Cage

    I think the new enclosure looks so much better than the first! He might be peeing everywhere because of the change in his environment. Bunnies are not ones to like change. His litter habits would improve if he got neutered (most likely). I see in the one picture the litter pan is full. I changed...
  3. Hannahsigurdson

    Goodbye to our Miss Molly

    My beautiful boy Theo passed away due to anesthesia before a neutering procedure. He was only 7 months old. I loved him dearly. I know he is binkying in heaven and eating as much curly parsley as he desires. Rest in peace babe 1/20/21
  4. Hannahsigurdson

    Too much room for my rabbits?

    When I got my bunny, he was returned back to the breeder because he was being mishandled and not taken care of properly by children. When I finally got him home, he was very unsure of me and really wanted to be by himself. I spend a majority of my time just sitting in the room with him. I would...
  5. Hannahsigurdson

    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    Same! My bunny only got romaine if it was leftover from my food in my fridge. It wasn’t a favorite. His all time favorite is curly parsley!
  6. Hannahsigurdson

    Bunny not bonding😭

    Thank you so much! That should definitely help. It took a while for my bunny to want to bond with me. It definitely matters where they came from.
  7. Hannahsigurdson

    To Neuter or To Not Neuter??

    Yeah it’s so hard right now scheduling appointments...... I hope you can get one at the right time! He sounds like a happy bunny to me!
  8. Hannahsigurdson

    My rabbit is grunting

    She is being territorial. This will mostly be solved when or if she gets spayed! It might be a hormonal time for her as well so it could be more prominent than other times. This is completely normal behavior though for an unspayed rabbit. Do show rabbits need to have everything intact?
  9. Hannahsigurdson

    Bunny not bonding😭

    The bunnies are adorable!!! Is Zoe spayed yet? That might be part of the problem. However, is she was not handled very much from birth it might be hard to break those tendencies. A lot of bunnies are not super affectionate like others. My 7 month old bunny Theo was returned to the breeder from a...
  10. Hannahsigurdson

    To Neuter or To Not Neuter??

    I would recommend neutering a male bunny. They can show signs of aggression and dominance if you don’t. This can lead to marking their territory and that can be a hard habit to break. Also leaving trails of poops around. I know it is also better for their health as well and can increase their...
  11. Hannahsigurdson

    Has anyone ever got a bad bag of Timothy Hay?

    I also order from small pet select! They have amazing quality hay and great customer service. They have 1st, 2nd and 3rd cut Timothy hay. They also have different varieties like alfalfa and orchard. I believe they sell boxes up to 50lbs!
  12. Hannahsigurdson

    Litter trays

    I personally have not ever had problems with the training pads, and have seen other owners that use them often. However, I can see how that can be an issue. My bunny did eat fecal poo as well as the cecotropes.I would also occasionally find him eating at the wrong end of the litter box. That is...
  13. Hannahsigurdson

    Eating Lettuce

    Hello! Your rabbit should have a variety of at least 3 different types of vegetables. For daily vegetables you can feed them romaine, bok choy, escarole, carrot tops, parsley, brussel sprouts and more! There are some vegetables that can only be eaten a couple times a week and some of these...
  14. Hannahsigurdson

    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    Yes. Bunnies can get very tired and need change in their diet. A bunny should have a variety of AT LEAST 3 different vegetables. Some of the vegetables that I give my bunny daily is bok choy, escarole, romaine lettuce, brussel sprouts, parsley, endive, carrot tops and more. Definitely try to add...
  15. Hannahsigurdson

    Litter trays

    I would must make sure that the pellets do not cause a lot of dust, because this can cause sinus infections. I line my litter pans with dog / cat training pads. I find that this makes for a really easy clean up, and helps absorb some of the liquid. My #1 litter however is carefresh bedding in...
  16. Hannahsigurdson

    Are these treats safe?

    I think they would both be okay, in very small amounts. Maybe 3 times a week. I would recommend buying treats from smallpetselect.com This is where I also order my hay and natural toys for my bunny. They also have amazing dried blends which are a great treat for bunnies.
  17. Hannahsigurdson

    Behavior tips and tricks please!

    Rabbits love chewing on things. Does your rabbit have access to cardboard, sticks and other safe toys that they can chew on? If they do not have access to a good amount of toys they might resort to your clothes or even furniture.