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  1. Bellamy+Lilah

    Female rabbit making noises???

    My female bunny has been making "peep" noises and she has never done this before. She is not spayed and just turned 1 year old. Is this because it's cold outside? I heard her do it the first time yesterday but is doing it more today. It almost sounds like baby puppy noises. Other than the...
  2. Bellamy+Lilah

    Hormones after neuter...

    How long did it take for your male bunny's hormones to fully dissipate after having him neutered?
  3. Bellamy+Lilah

    Signs of broken bones...?

    If a bunny accidentally gets injured somehow like fractures or breaks a bone, are they typically really good at hiding that? Like, how would you be able to tell if something was wrong with them? I understand bunnies are often good at hiding their discomforts or illnesses, I was just wondering...
  4. Bellamy+Lilah

    What breed is my bunny?

    She is 1 year old and weighs between 10-12 lbs. She has always been a super calm, sweet and chill bunny. She loves to be petted more than anything.
  5. Bellamy+Lilah

    Give Me Your Bonding Advice - 3 Buns

    I have 3 brothers all neutered but still waiting until all have had a month after their surgery before I attempt to bond them. I've never bonded 3 buns together before, how do I go about doing that?
  6. Bellamy+Lilah

    Neutered yesterday... small diarrhea.. should I be worried?

    One of my boys was neutered yesterday and I just now saw he had a small squishy-mushy poo diarrhea but seems to be fine... should I even worry about this? He is acting totally normal and eating greens like crazy as I am typing this. He is definitely not lethargic.
  7. Bellamy+Lilah

    Spay Recovery

    Does it seem harder on female buns to recover from spay compared to neutering a male? I'm in the process of fixing my buns one at a time. I'm planning to do my female last because it will be the most expensive and the most nervewrecking because I am afraid of something bad happening to her if...
  8. Bellamy+Lilah

    Cleaning urine off of fur...?

    Does anybody have some go-to ways to easily and quickly wipe away or treat pee stains off of their bunnies' fur? I know that after a while or a couple of days they usually have it cleaned off by themselves and it's okay but I would just like to keep my buns clean and hygienic as much as...
  9. Bellamy+Lilah

    Free Roam Buns In House Questions!!!

    How long did it take for your bunny to start getting comfortable living inside the house with you? How long did it take for them to "come out of their shell"? Did they become more affectionate toward you after a period of time or not? How long did it take for your bun to get that way if they...
  10. Bellamy+Lilah

    Does anyone else have this bunny massage book?

    Just wondering if I'm the only one dorky enough to have this book lol In all seriousness though it's worth every penny. All of my buns love getting their cheeks massaged. My female rabbit is the only one who will let me try everything on her. All of my boys aren't fixed yet (but will be soon!)...
  11. Bellamy+Lilah

    Party Animal

    He must've been partying all night. I found him passed out asleep like this. [emoji23]
  12. Bellamy+Lilah

    Wild Rabbit × Pet Bun Interaction?

    Has anybody ever had the experience of a wild rabbit coming near to or come close to approach their pet bun while it was outside?
  13. Bellamy+Lilah

    Does this mean they probably like each other or just curious?

    My daddy bunny Bellamy (lop) hangs next to 2 of his baby boy bunnies every so often. Does this probably mean they like each other when they hang close to each other like that?
  14. Bellamy+Lilah

    Pee stains on vinyl flooring... HELP

    Does anybody know of anything that can get pee stained vinyl floors clean? (it's the kind people typically have in their bathroom or kitchen floor) I have this kind of flooring in my rabbit hutch and I'm not always able to wipe it clean as soon as they have an accident where I have to be away at...
  15. Bellamy+Lilah

    Show Me Your Bunny's Favorite Toys

    I'm looking for some new toys to try out on my bunnies. I've tried stuffed animals (strong ones that they can't eat through) and little plastic balls for cats with bells inside, wood chew toys/logs from the pet store and empty toilet paper rolls with hay inside. The problem I'm having is they...
  16. Bellamy+Lilah

    Behaviour while I am cleaning cage?

    So, 99% of the time, when I sweep the poops out of my male bunny's cage, he gets excited and starts nosing around at my dustpan (sitting on it, chewing, chinning, sniffing) and brush and acts like we are playing a game and like he is having fun. I was just wondering why he gets excited about...
  17. Bellamy+Lilah

    Re-potty training after neutering?

    I have a male lop I plan to have neutered in the next month or 2. He was VERY well potty trained before he hit adulthood (0-2 poops outside of the litter box per day and never peed outside of his litter box). As he matured he does territory marking and territory pooping some but not a lot. Even...
  18. Bellamy+Lilah

    Neutered Male With Unspayed Female Behaviors

    I have a male Holland lop (Bellamy) and a female english spot rabbit (Lilah). Both are currently not fixed. I am planning to have Bellamy neutered in late August / early September and will get Lilah Spayed either this winter or in spring - depending on how well they interact after the surgeries...