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  1. Tabi

    Bunny won't stop humping new baby bunny?

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding my 5 year old mini lop cross. We recently had his bonded female Luna pass away, and he was absolutely distraught. He has been incredibly needy so we decided to adopt a new baby bunny. He's been licking her and sleeping with her, and she's been cuddling...
  2. Tabi

    Bunny stomping constantly at night

    Hi everyone! I just adopted my second bunny Pluto from the RSPCA, he has been introduced to my first bunny Luna and they get along super well and are already bonded! I've had him for roughly two weeks, he sleeps inside with Luna in my room, their area is 3m by 2m and they have everything a...
  3. Tabi

    Does my bunny like being on her back??

    Hi there, My bunny Luna is a young mini lop, I occasionally put her on her back in my arms and stroke her head, which seems to make her fall asleep as her eyes start to shut a little and her head relaxes. She moves if she gets sick of it but otherwise she seems to enjoy it. Am I right to be...
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