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    Pamnock or other breeder

    Hello, I have a doe that was due today and she had only one kit on thewire. Last litter the breeder told me she had 5. Isit very possible that that is all she is going to have? Idon't know how to palpate or anything. I did put her in witha buck to see if anything happens, what do you guys...
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    I'm Back

    Hey all, I don't know if many of you remember me, butI am RobertGeisenhof from Central Minnesota. I have just startedbrowsing again now that school is out. I see that there arealot of new people here now. I have some time now to come onand read some post without being in school. I think that...
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    Email When Posted

    HI, I haven't posted on here in a while but am now and before when I postedand someone replied I used to get emails. Do they not do thisanymore or? Just curious Roberts
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    Shelter Bunnies

    Hello, I went to the shelter in St. Cloud yesterday and noticed that they hadmore bunnies than usual. They usually are lucky if they haveone or two but yesterday they had like 6 or 7. Some Rex/Mini and some Dwarf Hotots. Is there more becausepeople just don't want to go out in the cold to take...
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    Show Rabbits

    Hello, I am wondering If I am able to show a rabbit that dosen't have apedigree at a ARBA show as long as they don't have anydisqualifications? I know they can't be granded GrandChampion thought. RObert
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    Pictures Of My Buns

    Hello, I don't want to take up all the room or time to post all ofmy bunnies pictures here but my address of almost all of my bunnies are on there. Robert
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    How to get rabbits from IN to MN

    Hello, I am interested in getting some rabbitsfrom a lady in Indiana but i have no way to get them here. Ifanyone has any ideas or could bring them a little ways please let meknow. Thanks Robert
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    Hello, Well I have a website. Nothingmuch to it yet but its under construction. If you wanna checkit out the address is : Thanks RObert
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    Hello, I have no clue how to do an avatar so iwas wondering if i sent someone the picture i have if they could do itfor me? Thanks Robert
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    My new bunnies.

    Well i think that most of you knew that i waslooking for holland lops and i got them today. :)The lady Samantha brought them to me in Little Falls And she lives inBemidji thats almost 2 hours away. Well i was sooohappy. Shes the nicest lady. Well herethey are. This is my little holland doe. I...
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    Babbies Hay?

    Hello, I was wondering what kind of hay my 2 weekold babbies can eat. I gave them some Timothy cause i hadthat here or should i be giving them Alfalfa or something? -Robert-
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    Oreo Picture

    I just thought tha i would take a picture of heras shes usually got her ears down but yesterday and today now that itis warmer she has one of them down like a half lop or whatever youwould want to call it. -Robert-
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    Holland Lop Info?

    Hello, I think that maybe next weekend i will begetting a holland lop or two maybe even a fuzzy so if anyone has anyweb site addresses or anything with info about them please let meknow. Thanks Robert
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    Sexing rabbits

    Well as most of you already know i have 5 around3 month old rabbits. Well today when i was cleaning out thecage i put Brownie and Oreo together because i thought that they wereboth girls and then Brownie got on Oreo and i just thought it was forAlpha position or whatever but i took her off and...
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    Amount of feed?

    Hello, I have pretty much all medium sizedrabbits how much feed should i be feeding them daily? If I doget some hollands how much do they need each day? ThanksRobert
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    Is this a Holland?

    Hello I'm wondering if anyone thnks that hes aholland lop because when he sits up he looks almost like a holland buti'm not real sure as i have only seen pictures of them. Well here arethe pictures. Thanks RObert
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    Want a bun?

    Well my family and I have made up our minds andwe have to get rid of Herman as him and Shadow got into a fight andthey will keep on getting into the same cage and i don't want them tohurt any of the three month old babbies and i have no clue where to puttwo more cages but we found room for one...
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    Well went outside this morning and saw that my woamle lops were together and looked one over and noticed that my littleDutchess was dead. Here i thought that she could not havebabbies as I tried breeding her before but after i took her out i sawthat there was hair in the corner and moved a dish...
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    Yay Babbies have arrived

    Well i went uptown to get supper and when i gothome i decided that i would check on momma and Yay she had somebabies. She had at least 4 but last time she had nine so i'msure theres more or some more are on the way i will post more tommorownight. Robert
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    Hello, I was wondering if any of you have rabbitsthat are outside all year long and if you have ever breed thein likelater winter maybe Jan - March as I have before and they died onme. If anyone has any idea of how maybe i couldbreed them and they stay alive please post. Also with somehay if my...
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