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  1. graceofangels

    When is it too soon for a new bunny?

    It's only been 2 and a half weeks since Thumper died, and I already have friends and family acquaintences asking me to take in their unwanted rabbits. I feel so bad, but I'm not sure if I'm ready. I just hate thinking of these animals in small cages with small children an their providers.
  2. graceofangels

    I'll always love you my little trouble maker

    So the vet called last night and Thumper took a turn for the worst. They found a mass in his stomach which they thought could be more than just stasis. They didn't think he'd survive surgery to remove it so they were going to keep him over night, pump him with IV, pain meds and critical care to...
  3. graceofangels

    Bun not Eating!! Help!

    Hello: I'm nervous as hell right now. I took Thumper to the vet and she couldn't find anything wrong with him. No physical signs of stasis, his stomach feels fine, etc. I brought him to one of the hospitals on the House Rabbits Society pages to make sure I was working with a vet that is...
  4. graceofangels

    Where to put my bunny?

    Hi all: So currently my bun is in the living area of my studio apartment. He always likes to hang out at the back of the apartment near the kitchen/dining area unless there's company. I'm considering moving him there, but then you would never even see him unless he decides to come out and...
  5. graceofangels

    Is he sad or depressed?

    Hi all: so my bun likes to lay out almost fully with his chin on the ground, and I can't help but think he looks sad or depressed. Does anyone know what this behavior means? A pic is below for reference.
  6. graceofangels

    Weird Noise

    Hey all: So i'm new to the bunny guardian thing and my rabbit keeps making these weird noises whenever he grooms himself or eats. It's almost like wet sneakers squeaking, but a lower pitch. Any idea what this is?
  7. graceofangels

    New Bunny Help

    Hi all: I just got a new bunny. My cousin bought one for her kids a couple of years a go and the kids have just gotten tired of it. As they have a new baby, a full grown dog, and a new puppy, she was looking to get rid of the bunny. I told her I would take it rather than have her drop it off...
  8. graceofangels

    Were you ever nervous?

    Just a random question: Were you ever scared that you wouldn't be able to take care of a bunny? I was before I got one. I thought I would do something to hurt her accidentally. I was always scared that I would end up hating it. Did anyone else have fears?
  9. graceofangels

    Play area - Thoughts

    What do you guys think? The rescue says she's not a jumper and won't jump over one level of NIC's but i have extra just in case. Also the open side will be attached to her cage.
  10. graceofangels

    Bird Toys

    So I'm getting Miss Millie (my rescue rabbit) this weekend and I'm looking for some fun toys for her. The weird thing is, everything I see for rabbits, I'm not a fan of. I have seen some very cute bird wood and rope toys and was wondering if these would be okay for her. Any thoughts?
  11. graceofangels

    Rapid breathing and shaking

    Hi everyone, I've been researching rabbits since March and finally started making appointments with animal rescues to meet some buns. That experience is a hwhole other topic. The bunny I met today is a sweetie pie and we were both hoping you could help us out. The whole 1.5 hours I was with him...
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