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  1. Binky4eva

    Gi-stasis: Help!

    I am wondering aside from excluding all over underlying causes that were detailed so well above of intermittent bouts of g.i.stasis if he might be lonely and need a mate. Rabbits are truly social creatures and not really used to living alone, normally in living in warrens in small groups with a...
  2. Binky4eva


    I wouldn't leave him not eating and drinking that long. Have you got any critical care and syringes? Mix some of that and start syringe feeding. Need to keep that gut moving to avoid stasis.
  3. Binky4eva

    Rabbit died suddenly- has anyone experienced this?

    So very very devastating. something definitely suspicious may well have caused the three of them to pass so suddenly. Don't blame yourself, it wasn't your fault. You did the best you could for them and they would have loved you for it. And don't let it necessarily stop you from loving another...
  4. Binky4eva

    Members!!! If you entered my contest CLICK!

    I think I will keep the new one, in memory of my Amaretto. ♥
  5. Binky4eva

    Members!!! If you entered my contest CLICK!

    I can't remember which photo I entered so I will try again. Lol. Maybe a different one. Amaretto and Malibu
  6. Binky4eva

    Rabbit died suddenly- has anyone experienced this?

    RHD is released in 2 strains here in Australia, but there is only a vaccine for one. Vets recommend vax every 6 months. I would still suggest vet visit if possible.
  7. Binky4eva

    Rabbit died suddenly- has anyone experienced this?

    Am so sorry about your losses. Could well be that. Could you take the remaining one to vet asap??? Set what the vet has to say. Are you in any area where they have released the virus. This is what we all dread and you have had the extreme pain of losing two fur buns in a short time. Is there...
  8. Binky4eva

    Bunny no longer wants to be held

    Actually, I must admit that does ring a bell. Both my beloved Thumpa who I lost a year ago at 11 and 1/4 and my (Prima Donna) Cointreau....both have jumped from the vet table onto my shoulders and arms when being examined as if to say "I am safe up here". They are also the only two that have...
  9. Binky4eva


    Another FAVOURITE with my buns is anyone who has a untreated apple tree. They just ADORE off cuts of branches, leaves, twigs. They ring bark the wood. Great for their teeth, great for fibre and diet. Just make sure not sprayed and I try to make sure if not sprayed....not too much moldly disease...
  10. Binky4eva

    Bunny getting destructive

    Yes, there can always be a few territorial pellets after spaying. But saying that.....spaying is well worth it...due to the reduced high risk of reproductive cancers and being easier to litter train. Let alone....the reproductive factor. :)
  11. Binky4eva

    Bunny no longer wants to be held

    Wow. I have never met a bunny that likes having it's feet off the ground. I guess it is just a matter of them getting used to it and used to you. I know the two of mine have with me over time, but I still wouldn't be able to say they "like being picked up" and ever jump into my arms. Cool.
  12. Binky4eva

    Bunny Contest! - 'Rabbits outdoors' - Win a Prize!

    Kahlua. Question....can you enter more than one rabbit???
  13. Binky4eva


    Large cardboard boxes made back up into a box (without tape) with two entrances box cut into them are great toys.
  14. Binky4eva

    Have any of you noticed people act weird towards you because of the COVID-19

    Prime Minister just addressed the nation here down under last night. And Australia has gone mad on buying out supermarkets and chemists on toilet rolls, hand sanitizers and baked beans etc. Go figure.
  15. Binky4eva

    Bunny no longer wants to be held

    My Kahlua grunts and moans when he doesn't get his way the whole time. He doesn't mind getting picked up for a moment....but if he is not put down somewhere nice and something nice done for him immediately he with grunt and nibble and pad with his paws to be out of there asap. Has to be on his...
  16. Binky4eva

    What does it mean when a rabbit licks you?

    Definitely a sign of affection. It means true bunny love. Mutual grooming means that bunnies have bonded and if your bun does this to have a special relationship with this bunny indeed. I have only ever had this with 2 of my 10 bunnies. 1 of my current 5. She is a 14 month old mini...
  17. Binky4eva

    White Urine?

    Sometimes sprinkling veggies with a little bit of water can help increase water intake too. Does your bun drink from a water bottle or a bowl? 3 of mine are water bowl drinkers fortunately, but the other 2 are stubborn water bottle drinkers unfortunately.
  18. Binky4eva

    Best greens to give bunny?

    Thanks. I sometimes forget to post links. :)
  19. Binky4eva

    Allergic to Timothy hay?

    Have heard of people being allergic to Timothy Hay. Orchard grass is as good for buns. So hope it works for you. Rye grass is also low in calcium and protein and high in fibre so another option and cheaper if you can get it.
  20. Binky4eva

    Best greens to give bunny?

    House rabbit Society has some good info on feeding rabbits food too.
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